Goodbye 2011

2011-good one or a bad one??best or worst???i don’t feel like putting a tag for it as it was a mediocre for me..nothing big happened with me..it was just a passing year which just made me a year older and a little wiser and smarter(really??)…

Optimist in me will brag about the brighter part of 2011-
*got  better with life..smart is the word
*went on a refreshing and fabulous holiday trip with friends..its the best one till date..had lotsss of fun
*discovered this amazing world of blogs…this in a whole opened new avenues for me…and met all you great people
*makeup blogs just transformed my humble lip balm, kaajal world to a whole new makeupholic  world…I bought sooo much makeup this year which I would probably buy in my whole life…now my vanity is so so much bigger…
*shopped a lot..thanks to the online shopping sites
*got better with fashion as a whole thanks to all the fashion blogs…its not that I didn’t knew it earlier but I was always rather shy and fearful to try out something new but now I m NOT…
*became a fabulous cook..this I never thought of in my wildest dreams(tap on back)

Now it’s the pessimist turn..
*it just did not turn out the way I wanted it to.
*academically my goals remained incomplete rather unfulfilled.
*instead of shedding sum kilos, I just have put on lot more and was obviously unsuccessful in parting with them
*with the dosage of emotions I have, I obviously had bad days.
*never fully executed my plans, my schedules that I planned for self-improvement.
As its over and becoming  a little smarter(!!) lets just forget the past and move on into the future…and welcome the new year happily….

this 2012 is going to be a BIG year for me with many many great things to do…oh god!!!please bless me and guys wish me luck!!!and plz accept the virtual yummy chocos friends!!

 p.s- those are the pics from our vacation…its Black sea…the water there is soooo fresh and clear…



Faith in self..

“Sure I am that this day we are masters   
 of our fate, that  the task which has
been set before us is not above our
strength ; that its pangs and toils are not
beyond my endurance. As long as we
have faith in our own cause and an
unconquerable will to win,
victory will not be denied us.”

                      - Winston Churchill


Solah Somvar Vrat Katha story

this is a continuation to yesterdays solah somvar vrat post.To know the introduction,procedure and everything related to this vrat plz see shiv vrat

1...ENGLISH VERSION for Sixteen Weeks Monday Fast :

Once Lord Shiva visited the famous city of Amravati. Parvati also accompanied him. On their way, they saw a beautiful Shiva temple and decided to spend some time there. One day, Parvati found Lord Shiva in a playful mood. She said to him, Oh my Lord, let us have a dice game. Lord Shiva obliged her and the game started. Meanwhile, the priest of the temple had come there. Parvati turned towards him and said Please foretell who will win this game? The Brahman gave no serious thought to her question and abruptly said, Lord Shiva will win the game. Incidentally Parvati won the game. She was angry because the Brahman had told a lie. Lord Shiva tried to pacify her, but she cursed the Brahman that he be a leper. In due course, the Brahman became a leper and spent a miserable life. After some time a few fairies descended on the earth and pitied the fate of the priest. On asking him, the priest narrated the whole episode. One of the fairies said, You observe Monday fasts for sixteen weeks without break. On the seventeenth Monday, prepare some holy food or Prasaad with flour mixed with ghee and gur. Distribute this prasaad among the members of your family and take some yourself. You will be free from this leprosy. The fairies disappeared and the priest followed the instructions. Soon, he regained his normal health. Once Lord Shiva and Parvati again visited that temple. Parvati was surprised to see the priest. He was his normal self. She enquired about this feat and the priest narrated the whole story. Parvati was happy, she also decided to observe Monday fasts for sixteen weeks. Incidentally, on the seventeenth Monday, when she broke her fast, her beloved son Kartikeya, who was displeased with her, appeared and said, 0 dear mother what is that power with which you have called me? What is the mystery? Parvati said, 0 my dear son, all this miracle is due to observing Monday fasts for sixteen weeks without interruption. Kartikeyas Brahman friend had been in a foreign land for quite some time. Kartikeya said, I shall observe Monday fasts for sixteen weeks for happy reunion with my friend. He observed the 16 weeks fasts as per rules and to his great surprise his friend returned hale and hearty. The friend enquired about the miracle and Kartikeya told him the modalities to be observed for Monday fast. The Brahman friend was very curious about his marriage. He decided to observe the Monday fasts for sixteen weeks. On the seventeenth Monday, the Brahman friend went to a city. The ruler of the city decided to marry his daughter to a person on whose neck his well-decorated elephant would put the garland. The Brahman joined the show. Incidentally, the elephant garlanded him. The ruler of the city gave him his daughter and also a lot of money. The couple departed the next day and were back in their home. On the honeymoon night, the bride said, 0 my dear, how is it that the elephant ignored all the princes and garlanded you? How did you succeed on the auspicious moments? The bridegroom said, I observed fasts on sixteen Mondays. Monday is Lord Shivas day. It is due to his blessings that I got a beautiful wife like you. My friend Kartikeya revealed this secret to me. The bride too decided to observe fasts on sixteen Mondays for a beautiful son full of knowledge. Her devotion bore fruit and she gave birth to a beautiful son. As the son grew up, he said to his mother, 0 my dear mother, what is the mystery behind my birth? Please reveal it to me. The mother told him how she observed Monday fasts. The son also decided to observe the fasts to gain a kingdom for his parents. Incidentally, an old kings messengers from a nearby State came there in search of a beautiful and learned bridegroom for the princess. They proposed the princess hand for him and he readily agreed. The king expired after sometime and the boy became the king. The newly-made king continued his fasts for the next sixteen Mondays. On the seventeenth Monday, he arranged a large prayer party at a temple. All the arrangements were made well in advance. The king requested the queen to accompany him to the temple for breaking the fast after taking prasaad from the priest. The queen refused to go with him. The king had to go alone. The king heard an oracle who echoed, 0 king, turn out the queen from the palace or destruction will fall upon you. The king returned to his palace. He summoned a conference of his ministers and told about the oracle. All of them were taken aback, as it was due to that princess that he became the king of the state. They agreed to his proposal only with a heavy heart. The queen was ultimately turned out. The queen left the palace bare footed and in worn-out clothes. She was thirsty and fatigued. She met an old lady who had a load of spinned spindles on her head. She was going to the city. She felt pity on her and asked to help her in selling the yarn because she did not know the art of selling. The queen took that load on her head. Incidentally, strong wind blew away the spindles which disappeared in the dusty wind. The queen felt sorry and the old lady asked her to go away. The queen went to an oilmans house and sought shelter. The oilman obliged her, but as she stepped in, all of his oil pots developed cracks and the oil began to flow on the ground. The oilman immediately turned her out. The queen was now disheartened. She went to the bank of a river to quench her thirst. As she touched the water, the water dried up. She then went to a deep jungle and saw a tank of water. As she went down the stairs and touched the crystal dear water, it became muddy. She cursed her fate and put a few drops of the muddy water in her mouth. She was now tired and wanted to take rest under a shady tree. As she went near the tree its leaves began to fall and soon it became leafless. The cowherds saw this incident and told the whole story to the priest of a nearby temple. The priest called for the woman. He was surprised to see that the woman had royal features. He consoled her and provided her with all the facilities. But after some days, he also got fed up with her because whatever the woman touched became impure — may it be milk, food or water. One day, the priest said, 0 lady, what curse has fallen upon you? You reveal the mystery. The woman told him how she rejected a proposal to attend Monday fast prayer. The priest understood the whole thing. He knew it was Shivas curse. He said, 0 dear lady, you observe fasts on sixteen Mondays and Lord Shiva will absolve you of your sins. The woman realised her mistake and observed the Monday fasts for sixteen Mondays. On the seventeenth Monday, the king said to himself, My queen left my palace long ago. Her condition must be very miserable. He called for his courtiers and ordered them to search out the queen. The courtiers reached the temple where the queen was residing. The priest refused to hand over the queen to them and said, Let the king himself come to receive her. The courtiers went to the king and related the whole story. The king was happy to hear the news. He went to the temple and requested the priest to return his queen to him. The king admitted that he deserted the queen to avoid Lord Shivas wrath. The priest trusted the kings words and the queen returned to the palace. She was given a royal welcome. The king distributed money among the needy and arranged food for the hungry. The king and queen now regularly observed fasts on sixteen Mondays each year and lived a very happy life. After their death they found abode in Lord Shivas city, Shivapuri. Since, then it is believed that a person who observes fasts on sixteen Mondays, gets all pleasures and enters Shivapuri after his death.


Once there lived a wealthy merchant in a city. He always had immense wealth and prosperity. But despite all the worldly possessions, he remained sad because he had no son. He regularly observed Monday fast to have a son. He used to go to the Shiva temple and worshipped there Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati with full faith. Goddess Parvati was pleased at his devotion. She implored Lord Shiva and said, My Lord, this wealthy merchant is your faithful devotee. He regularly observes Monday fast but still he has no son. Please fulfil his desire. Hearing the implorings of Parvati, Lord Shiva said, Let your desire be fulfilled. I grant him a boon. He will be the father of a son, but Why but my Lord? asked Parvati. Lord Shiva said, but he will live for twelve years only". Fortunately, this wealthy merchant could hear their conversation. As time passed on, the merchants wife gave birth to a beautiful son. He celebrated his sons birth with great pomp and show and distributed food, clothes and money among the poor. All prayed for his sons long and happy life. But the merchant was still sad because he knew that his son would not live beyond twelve years. Yama, the god of Death, spares none. Knowing what the situation was, the merchant started observing the Monday fast with greater zest and there was no let up in the worship of Lord Shiva. He practised all the rites of worship. At the age of eleven, the merchants son looked quite smart and mature. All desired that he should be married to a beautiful girl. The merchants wife also wanted her sons marriage. She Insisted for it again and again. The merchant did not agree to this proposal. He sent for his brother-In-law and said, Accompany my son to Kashiji. Arrange for his best spiritual knowledge. Take enough money from my treasure. Arrange devotional gatherings on your way to Kashiji at every halt and distribute alms among the beggars. The merchants son started his journey for Kashi with his maternal uncle. They arranged devotional gatherings and distributed clothes at every halting camp. They also arranged best eats for the Brahmans and made enough offerings to them. One day they made a halt at a capital of a king. The kings daughters marriage was to take place that day. The marriage party had already reached the city. The bridegrooms party was terribly disturbed because the bridegroom was blind, of one eye. They were in search of a beautiful boy to replace him. The bridegrooms father sent his men in search of a beautiful boy. The men spotted the merchants son who was camping in an inn with his maternal uncle. The bridegrooms father was a rich person. He said to the merchants maternal uncle, My prestige is at stake. I need a handsome bridegroom in place of my one-eyed son. I shall give enough wealth if your ward agrees to have a temporary marriage with the kings daughter. He shall be free immediately after the marriage ceremony is over. The merchants brother-in-law convinced his sisters son for a temporary marriage. The brides party praised their luck when they saw a handsome bridegroom with the marching band at the head of the marriage procession. The merchants son and the kings daughter were married around the holy fire. At the time of departure, the merchants son picked his brides scarf and wrote, Now we are husband and wife. I am not the son of a king. I am the son of a rich merchant. I was on way to Kashiji for spiritual studies. Your real bridegroom is blind of one eye. The bride noticed her bridegroom writing something on the scarf. She could not read his message at that time. When the marriage party was about to depart, the bride read the message. She was shocked to know the reality. She refused to accompany with the one-eyed bridegroom. The marriage party returned without a bride. The merchants son reached Kashiji and devoted himself fully to the spiritual studies. His maternal uncle arranged devotional gatherings and gave donations everyday for the well-being of his sisters son. On the last day of the twelfth year, the merchants son felt pain in the chest. His maternal uncle was performing the religious rites as per his routine. As he went inside the room, he found the boy dead. He was full of grief, but kept silent as the Brahmans would not accept food from such a house. With courage, he completed his routine. When his routine was over, he started crying. Many people gathered around him and shared his grief. Fortunately, Lord Shiva and Parvati were also passing by that house. When Parvati heard the cries and beating of breast, her motherly compassion got aroused. She was a mother, after all. Having known the facts, she said to Lord Shiva, My dear Sire, please ask Yama to return his life. Yama is always at your command. Please do this favour to me. You are the protector of all creatures. Lord Shiva agreed and sprinkled Ganga water on the dead body. The boy got up as if he was making an excuse for sleep. The spiritual education of the merchants son was over. They started their journey to home. They arranged spiritual discourses and distributed alms among the needy throughout their way. Now, they were back in the city where this boy was married. The king recognised the boy immediately. He took him to his palace with full honour and on an auspicious day, he arranged to happy departure for his daughter. He also gave adequate dowry. The merchants son reached his city along with his bride. His father could not believe it. He was sitting on the roof of a big mansion with his wife, waiting for his son. They had decided that they would not come down until their son supported them himself; otherwise they would commit suicide by jumping down the roof. So the merchants son alongwith his bride went up to the roof. They touched their feet. The merchant and his wife were very happy to see the couple.

Hindi version

May god fulfill your wishes…..for all the doubts and other aspects plz visit this..it has everything about the puja

Om namah sivai
Om namah sivai
Om namah sivai

Solah Somvar Vrat

Upvaas, or fasting, in Hinduism is mainly observed for the fulfillment of a vow. Upvas is also referred as 'Vrats.' But 'Vrat' has a wider meaning and it is not just curtailed to the fasting observed for material or other gains. Each day in a week is dedicated to one or more of the gods in the Hindu pantheon. A particular deity is appeased by the devotee on a particular day. Thus Monday is usually dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Upvass, or fasting, on Mondays begins at sunrise and ends at sunset. On the day, food is only eaten after evening prayer. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshipped on the day. Of course, no worship begins without remembering Lord Ganesha. The fasting on Mondays in the Shravan month is considered even more auspicious.

It is believed that those people who observe Upvaas on Monday will have their desires fulfilled and will be blessed with wisdom. In some areas, fasting on Mondays is observed by unmarried women to get an ideal husband.

The reason for fasting on a day is usually traced back to a particular incident in one of the Hindu Puranas or folk tradition. There are numerous myths associated with a particular fast. The stories vary from region to region and from community to community.
Somvar Vrat, or Monday fasting, dedicated to Lord Shiva too has numerous stories. Among the several myths, three have gained popularity – the first is the story of a poor Brahmin gaining wealth due to Monday fasting, second is the story of a rich merchant begetting a son after long wait and the subsequent death of the son and his rebirth due to the grace of Lord Shiva and Parvati and the third story is the most famous involving the game of dice played between Shiva and Parvati.
Any Upvaas or Vrat is directly or indirectly connected with some sort of material comfort. This is a sweet lure used by ancient saints to attract a devotee to the concept of Brahman.
The concept of Brahman in Sanatana Dharma is not easily digestible to many people. And they are least bothered about Brahman concept all they need is material comfort. For this many devotees are ready to go to any extend. They are ready to observe any harsh vow. Ancient wise men used this tendency among the common people to spread the awareness of Brahman. During each upvas there are occasional flashes when a person thinks beyond material comforts. This is a realization of Brahman. Gradually many devotees begin to think beyond material comforts.

Somavar Vrat, or Monday Fasting, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Somavar takes its name from Soma or Chandra – the Hindu moon god. Fasting on the day is done by many to appease Lord Shiva and get prayers and wishes fulfilled. It is believed that observing Somavar Vrat will help in getting good husbands. It is also believed to help in attaining prosperity and peaceful family life.
Somavar Vrat begins from sunrise on Monday. Usually those devotees observing the Vrat visit a Lord Shiva temple in the morning and in the evening. If this is not possible prayers are offered at home.
White color dress is worn by those observing the fast. White flowers are also offered to the Shivling.
A single meal is taken on the day after midday. Those observing partial fast take fruits or Sabudana Khichadi.
In the evening a story related to Somavar Vrat is listened to or read by those observing the fast.
Apart from white flowers, people also offer Bilva leaves or Bil patra while doing the puja.
The mantra that is chanted is Om Namah Shivaya…
The fast ends on the next day morning after usual prayers and rituals.
When Amavasi, or no moon day, falls on Monday it is considered highly auspicious and the day is known as Somavati Amavas.
Mondays in Shravan month (July – August) in North India, Gujarat andMaharashtra is considered highly auspicious. Special pujas are offered to Lord Shiva on Mondays in temples and homes.
Mondays are auspicious in Kartik month (October – November) in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
Mondays in Karthigai Masam (November – December is also auspicious in Tamil Nadu.

Solah Somwar Vrat is observed for sixteen consecutive Mondays and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. A devotee can start Solah Somvar Vrat on the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) in any month. But devotees usually begin the fasting in Shravan or Kartik month. Solah Somvar Vrat is observed by women to get good husbands and many also observe it when they are blessed with a good married life. It is also believed that observing this Vrat will help in getting one’s wishes fulfilled.
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_OrPiYD1RcAs/Sf_e6Gmo_0I/AAAAAAAAEMA/1rQ7QKVciOI/s320/shivalogo.jpgLegend has it that moon (Chandra or Soma) was cursed by Daksha that his body will fade away. It is said that Chandra escaped from this curse after observing the Somvar Vrat.
Many devotees choose the Chaturmas period to observe the Solah Somvar Vrat.
Solah Somvar fasting begins at sunrise and ends at sunset. Some devotees observe 24-hour fast and they only consume water or tender coconut or copra.
Some devotees opt for nuts, milk and fruits while fasting.
On the 17th Monday of the fasting, special pujas dedicated to Lord Shiva are held.
It must be noted that Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva and there are several devotees who observe partial fast on all mondays or do special pujas or visit Lord Shiva temples on the day.

Fast on Monday is observed to please Lord Shiva. In Monday fast, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshipped.  All men and women can observe this fast. Observing the fast in systematic manner is beneficial. According to the scriptures, fasting period of this Vrat is between sunrise and sunset. As food is taken at night, the fast is also called as Nakta Vrata.
Starting of Monday Fast
Monday fasting is considered auspicious if started from first Monday of Shukla Paksha orShravan month. Proedure of this fast is similar to the Vrata observed in Shravan Masa for God Bhole Nath. In this month, specially the Parthiv(terrestrial) Shiva Lingam is worshipped.
If a person is not able to start this fast from Shravan month, then he can start it on the first Monday of Shukal Paksha in the following months:- Chaitra Masa, Baishak Masa,Kartik month or the Margshirsh month( as per Hindu calendar). Out of these, Shravan Masa is considered the most auspicious time. This month is most dear to Lord Shiva. All sins of a person are destroyed, if he starts the Monday fasting from Sharavan month.

Significance of Shravan Month
There is a mythological belief about the Monday fasting. This fast was observed first by Goddess Parvati in order to get Lord Shiva as her husband. by the auspiciousness of this fast she got Lord Shiva in form of her husband. That time the Monday fast was known to be kept by girls for getting their wish fulfilled of their choice husband.
The fast is important for getting blessing of Lord Shiva and worshipping him. Mainly this fast is dedicated to family and society. The fast gives a lesson to live life with love, faith, brotherhood and socialization. The 16 Monday fasting (Solah Somwar) is considered the most favorable out of all the fast of Lord Shiva.
This fast can be observed by both men and women. This fast is kept by unmarried girls for a happy and peaceful life. The fast of 16 Mondays is kept by married girls for the longevity of their husbands, safety of child and happiness of brother. Monday fast is kept by men for getting child, wealth and prestige. 
Method of Monday Fast
The fast is started in any of the auspicious month as stated above. This fast should be kept for five years or 16 Monday with full faith and confidence. The person doing Upvas should get up early in the morning and complete his routine work. The water used for bathing should contain black Til.
After bathing, Ganga Jal should be sprinkled all over the house. Place an idol or picture of Lord Shiva in a peaceful corner of Ishan Kon (North- East direction) of the house and chant the mantra "ऊँनम: शिवाय: - Om Namah Shivay". The resolution of this fast should be taken infront of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati with white flowers, sandalwood, rice, Panchamrit, betel nuts, fruits, holy water. While taking the resolution, the following mantra should be chanted.
ममक्षेमस्थैर्यविजयारोग्यैश्वर्याभिवृद्धयर्थंसोमव्रतंकरिष्ये | Mum Khsemstharyavijayarogyashwaryabhirvadhyayarth Somvratam Karishye’
After taking the resolution and doing Puja, Vrat Katha should be heard. Then, the Aarti should be performed and Prasadam is to be distributed. Avoid using salt in meal.
While the Udhyapan (conclusion) of fast, white things should be donated, like rice, white clothes, sweets (Barfi) milk, curd, silver etc. This fast is also done for mental peace. After the full day fasting, person should have a vision of Lord Shiva in the Shiva temple. At the time of sunset, food materials made of milk should be used in offerings. 
Lord Bholenath should be offered the Bhog, and after worshipping with incense stick, deep, the Moon God is given the Ardhya. And, the mantra mentioned above should be chanted. After the completion of Solah Somvar Vrat, on the day of Udhyapan, Brahmans and children should be given Kheer, Puri, sweets etc and donations as per the capacity of an individual. On sunset, worshipping of Lord Shiva in Pradosh Kal is considered the most favorable.
Results of Monday Fasting
On regular observation of Monday fast, blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is always on the person. Life is full of health. And, the person gets rid of all the sins.
Astrological Significance of Monday Fasting
Monday Vrat should be observed by those people who have moon in weak position in their Kundali, or moon is not able to give favorable results. For the best results of moon, the fast of Monday should be observed. Also, to remove pessimism and increase mental happiness, this fast is observed. Lord of lunar eclipse is God Shiva. Because he holds the moon on his head.
Out of all the planets, moon is the closest to earth, Hence, it effects our life and mind. So, the people whose birth sign, birth Nakshatra is of moon, they must observe the fast of Monday. This Vrat is also observed for health of mother and maternal happiness.

This is an intro and details about the procedure of the fast...as the post got long i decided to do  katha story post for the story that you have to read in the evening after that days fast...its in the next post...may god fulfill all your wishes....i finished my vrat today and this is what i made for prashad rawa semolina ladoo...i m sooo happy that i completed it smoothly...

om namah sivai :
 om namah sivai :
 om namah sivai :



1.    Today's Inspirational Quote: 
251."Life is like a landscape. You live in the midst of it but can
describe it only from the vantage point of distance."
-- Charles Lindbergh 

252."When you give your children knowledge, you are telling them
what to think. When you give your children wisdom, you do not
tell them what to know, or what is true, but, rather, how to
get to their own truth."
-- Neale Donald Walsch 

3.    253."If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together... there is
something you must always remember. You are braver than you
believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
But the most important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll
always be with you."
-- Winnie the Pooh 

4.    254"Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself
reasons why I can."
-- Unknown 

5.    255."You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have
the courage - pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically - to
say no to other things. And the way to do that is by having a
bigger yes burning inside."
-- Stephen Covey 

6.    256."You must accept that you might fail; then, if you do your
best and still don't win, at least you can be satisfied that
you've tried. If you don't accept failure as a possibility,
you don't set high goals, you don't branch out, you don't try
- you don't take the risk."
-- Rosalynn Carter 

7.    257."The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make
the most of yourself."
-- Wallace Wattles 

8.    258."There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great and no
tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow."
-- O.S. Marden 

9.    "259.Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their
shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you are a mile away
from them, and you have their shoes."
-- Frieda Norris 

    260."Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously
interested in it."
-- Julia Child 

keep smiling



241."Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do
so, too."      -- Voltaire 

242."If you treat an individual as if he were what he ought to be
and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be."     -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

243."Man learns through experience, and the spiritual path is full
of different kinds of experiences. He will encounter many
difficulties and obstacles, and they are the very experiences
he needs to encourage and complete the cleansing process."       -- Sai Baba 

244."Kindness is difficult to give away because it keeps coming
back to you."         -- Author unknown 

245."You can do anything you wish to do, have anything you wish to
have, be anything you wish to be."      -- Robert Collier 

246."Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble."       -- Frank Tyger 

247."A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished
when he quits."        -- Richard M. Nixon 

248."The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile
are: Hard work, Stick-to-itiveness, and Common sense."         -- Thomas A. Edison 

249."Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one
thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the
body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up.
It is always tired morning, noon, and night. But the body is
never tired if the mind is not tired. When you were younger
the mind could make you dance all night, and the body was
never tired... You've always got to make the mind take over
and keep going."       -- George S. Patton 

250."Growing into your future with health and grace and beauty
doesn't have to take all your time. It rather requires a
dedication to caring for yourself as if you were rare and
precious, which you are, and regarding all life around you as
equally so, which it is."                   -- Victoria Moran 

Gud luck guys