My Huge Makeup Haul!!! coastal scents HOT POTS,NYX

Hello friends..i m soooo excited!!!!really very very happyyyy because I just received my huge makeup courier…this may not be huge haul to beauty bloggers but for a simple girl like me..its just is.I always had an eye for cosmetics,skin care products but makeup is something new for me until recently(6 months ago). Then one day I was just browsing the net and suddenly stumbled upon a beauty blog and then on another and on another. These beauty blogs just transformed my humble kajal,lipbalm world into what I m today..a makeup addict,I can call it that after spending so much on makeup in these six months. I collected decent amount of makeup in the past months(will post them if u want to see),and this offer on coastal scents tempted me sooo much that I ended up buying all these…
Since as a student MAC is something I don’t want now,so thought of getting mac dupes in the coastal scents hotpots.there is an offer of 1 empty maagntic palette with every 12 hotpots. I after 5 hrs of research ordered 24 hotpots from cs most of them are nice dupes for the MAC eyeshadows.

I received my parcel exactly after 25 days and packaging is done very carefully( I m impressed).so lets open it tadaaa!!!
The package was marked fragile.everything was packed neatly inside and there were no broken hotpots.i will do a post on their names and mac dupes list if you want…

I m so happy with this 24 hotpots yeyyyyy….

This was my nyx package from cherryculture…

·        Nyx round lipsticks fig, paris, frapuchino
·        Nyx jumbo pencil in yogurt
·        Nyx triple eyeshadow in copper/rust/bronze(perfect for indian bridal looks).

I m happpyyyy…..do comment if you have anything to share…
Love,health and beauty to all
Take care


Mushroom Dum Biryani

 Who said only non-vegetarians can enjoy hyderabadi dum biryani...heres my love to vegetarian friends...the dum mushroom biryani...

Hi friends,today I have a yummy treat for you..the MUSHROOM BIRYANI…this was requested by  gayatri  and other sweethearts from the sneekpeak pics…I chose to post this dish first among all because this is special to me because this is not a copy-paste type one copied from internet,this is the one I kind of customised to self by changing many things and adapted it to my taste and convenience.I had two problems with the recipes on net  1.most of them did not cook the mushrooms first and my friends didn’t want the o mushroom smell in the dish 2.nearly all of the recipes told to do curry and rice separately and mix them which sounded more like routine rice-curry mix  than special biryani and being hyderabadi I want to give it dum ka.so with out further adue here is the delight for my special special buddies:
Difficulty level: normal
Time for preparation: 45-60 min
Serves:2-3 persons

For marinade:                                                                                     
250gms Mushrooms sliced                                                               
1.5 cup curd/yogurt                                                                            
2 spoons ginger garlic paste                                                              
1 spoon chilli powder
 1 spoon coriander powder
 ½ spoon turmeric powder  
 1 spoon cumin powder                                                                   
  ½ spoon garam masala  
For rice:
500 gms Indian Basmati rice
2 tbsp ghee/oil(you can cut it down)
2 bayleaves,  2 cloves ,2 green cardamom
1 cinnamon stick, 1 mace
food colour/ saffron(optional)

½ tsp jeera(cumin) seeds

1 big onion slice
1 tomato chopped
Juice of ½ lemon                                                                                   
Coriander leaves,mint(optional)
Fried onion(optional)to taste

1.  Cut the mushrooms into slices if they are big or you can use the small button mushrooms without cuting(they would look pretty na )
2.  In a bowl,To the sliced mushroom pieces add all the marinade ingrediants and set it aside for 30-40 min.check the salt
3.  For more flavourful rice: Take the deep biryani pan and add she some ghee to it.Then add the biryani spices listed above and saute for 1 min and then add rice to it.now add 1 spoon salt and pour water and cook till the rice is HALF DONE(50% done).i.e remove when the rice starts to splutter out or kind of start dancing..hehe and now strain the water out and let the rice cool.take care so that rice wont become sticky by spreading it if possible on a plastic cover or some cloth.
Quick method: add rice to boiling water and cook till half done and then strain the remaining water and allow the rice to cool.
4.  Take a wide pan and add some ghee/oil.to the hot oil add a tsp of cumin seeds .when they crackle add the sliced onions,1 tsp salt and fry till golden brown(!!)
5.  To this add the marinated mushrooms and cook till done. This frying of mushrooms will remove their stupid smell and add flavour to them.dont add any water since the curd we added will make enough gravy.
6.  Giving THE Dum: Take a heavy bottomed pan and add generous oil .this will prevent the buring of biryani(really!!).now arrange the layers as you wish mine were fron botton to top:
Oil-mushroom gravy-rice-some mint-fried onions-mushroom gravy-rice-coriander-food colour mixed with lemon juice.  Sprinkle some oil over to keep the rice non-sticky and separate.(yes!i m a nerd)
7.  Cover the lid tighly and cook it on a low flame for 15-25 mins and tada!!!the mushroom dum biryani is ready and yes you made it all by yourself….

I m sure you will get it right because if I(I never stepped into kitchen for 20 yrs of my life)can do it,you sure can do it…pukkaaaa!!!
I hope this will be helpful to you and plz  me know how it turned out and ya any tips and suggestions are most welcome….ty guys I had good time writing this…



Hey friends,
how are you all doing..i just weighed myself yesterday and *shock* i have put on quite some kilos...now my weight is 66 kgs.(I m 5feet 6 inches),these 3 months of holidays made me healthy(pl ump kuch zyada hei)so i want to loose this extra kilos before the new year..i want to get slim,fit,healthy by the end of this academic yr which is jus 100 days away i guess...i will be starting my weight loss journey and thought of doing regular posts and keep track of everthing...

how did you all keep yourselves fit and healthy??what works for you diet or exercise or both???what is your way of losing weight?plz dont forget to share your fitness and diet tips here ...



hi lovelies,how r u all doing..i was missing for th epast couple of days from here and the reason is....PARTY. We(i and my classmates) wanted to have some good time and hence arranged this party..and the food addicts we are,just wanted our menu to be perfect.here goes the dishes we ourselves prepared (staying away from families will teach you to cook)..

Lets start with the starters...

*Chicken Tandoori:

*Veg. Dry Manchurian: i made it all by myself and it came out yumm!!thank god...

*Chicken 65:

The main course:
*Chicken Dum Biryani:

*Mushroom Dum Biryani: ya i made this  and it came out superb otherwise my vegetarian friend would have killed me..

*paneer Butter Masala:
*Mirchi ka Salan:

The Dessert:
*Khaddu ka kheer: I tasted it for the  first time and believe me it was out of the world....

*custard/fruit salad:

All the varieties came out fantastic but the recipes were all student-friendly very easy to make..and this turned out to be an unforgettable mouth watering memory for the fifteen of us...
feel free to comment please and if you like something i can put the recipe for you...did you like it??



Exfoliation :Day 3

hi beauties,
 Exfoliation is the removal of the oldest dead skin cells that cling to the skin`s outermost surface or epidermis,eliminating impurities,oilbuildup,improving circulation and stimulating cell renewal.When done correctly it leaves the skin smooth,fresh,radiant and healthy.It speeds of the skins natural process of shedding dead skin cells and prevents pimples,blackheads by keeping the pores clear of impurities.If pores and sebacious glands are blocked they can cause build of debris leading to developing blemishes.

Types of exfoliation:
 1.Mechanical exfoliation-in this the exfoliation is done physically by using abrasives.they can be either by using a product that has abrasive particles like scrubs,using tools like loofah,wash cloth,gloves,brushes.
2.chemical exfoliation:enzymes alphahydroxic acids,beta hydroxic acids,chemical peels with glycolic acids,salicilic acids are used.

How to exfoliate:
Just dab a pea size of product wet it with water and work it smoothly on the skin with small circular motion,thus scrubbing off the dead cells.As over exfoliation causes skin irritation,dryness it is adviced to exfoliate only once or twice a week.Its always better to do it frequently tahn to wait long and opt for harsh salon treatments.
IMP:never ever forget to exfoliate your lips,they also need good exfoliation otherwise the lips appear older than the facial skin.

Best scrubs:

  1. Jovees veg peel
  2. Himalaya Neem scrub rs 65
  3. Himalaya Apricot scrub rs65
  4. Lotus berry scrub
  5. Vlcc Indian burberry scrub rs 205
  6. Everyuth apricot scrub rs 85

I m a DIY queen:

  1. the best till date:Sugar+a spoon full of olive oil
  2. oatmeal grounded+water -it works better than any store bought one
  3. oatmeal+milk+honey
  4. rub half lemon with sugar granules
  5. sugar+almond oil
  6. aspirin+water dissolve it any gently rub with fingers or a gentle toothbrush.it works great for acne skin and gives us beauties baby soft skin hmmm...
  7. carrot juice+sugar+1 teaspoon honey
  8. sugar+honey+olive oil.this can be stored for a month
  9. Dip a slice of tomato in sugar and scrub the skin.leave it for 10 min and rinse
  10. 1 tsp apricot kernel powder+3 tsp apricot pulp+3 tsp ripe papaya pulp.mix them well scrub,leave for 20 min and rinse.tadaa you will be blessed with glowing skin my frnd!!
  11. 1 tbsp each of baking soda,face lotion/cleanser.
  12. besan+moong dal powder+milk..Indian heritage ha
  13. mix 1 tsp of facewash+2 tsp of salt. for the girl on-the-go
  14. Blend carrot+2 tsp honey+1 tsp semolina+oil leave on for 15 min after scunning
  15. 1 tsp baking soda+salt
  16. 1 tsp rice flour+honey+milk
  17. sugar+honey
  18. 1 tsp apple cider vinegar+1 tsp green tea+1 tsp sugar+honey.it can be stored and used for 2 weeks.it does wonders for acne prone skin..ya will see how well u work for me!!!
  19. pineapple+oatmeal+honey
  20. was saving the best for the last mm yummm  1 spoon nescafe +unboiled raw milk+sugar  
  21. ground cofee beans 20+milk powder+bodywash
thats it girls..we all are already 15% near to our clean and clear skin...oh nature bless us all with beautiful,healthy skin..ya i m getting a little desperate umm...
take care girls,


Toning: Day 2

Hey beauties,how r u all doing??This is the step2 that should be done after cleansing...
Toner usually is a liquid that claims to cleanse the skin,shrink the pores,tighten the pores,balance the pH of the skin,soothe the skin,reduce the appearence of wrinkles,making the skin ready for hydration.Toners are used after cleansing to remove any residual makeup or dirt that the cleanser left on skin.

1.skin freshners:they are the mildest form and mostly are without alcohol.they are gentle and suit all types of skin mostly dry,sensitive,allergic,dehydrated.
2.skin tonics:they are slightly stronger with little alcohol.they suit dry,combination,oily skin types
3.astringents:these are the strongest forms with high proportions of alcohol.they are for oily skin as they are very drying.

Is toner necessary???
while there are people who swear by a toner,quite excited about the change that made to their skin,many experts feel that toner is not a must-have product in skin care.Many beauty experts feel that only people with extremely oily skin or acne-prone skin or the ones who want a squeky clean face after wearing heavy makeup all day need a toner.Most of the dermatologists consider toner unnecessary in skin care regime.The main aim of toner is to remove the left over residue but any good cleanser would remove all the dirt thus clearing way off for toner.
"often sold as a must-use step,toners are truely optional" Bobby brown in `Bobby brown beauty`.

'Many companies try to sell us toner by telling us that they close the pores but pores aren`t elevator doors that open and close.-total beauty by sarah stacey'
so the benefits of toner is always a debatable topic,so the toner usage is totally a personal choice friends.If you are addicted and want to continue,you can totally go ahead and if you just dont feel like you need one,make sure to invest in a good cleanser that will pretty much cover it up for you

How to use the toner?
using a soft cotton ball/pad ,first wipe the toner across your T-zone as this is oily area of the face n will benefit the most,then wipe the remaining on the cheeks,give some time to for it to be completely absorbed before moisturising.  (or)  if you feel that the costly toner is getting wasted on the cotton ball,you can just dab it onto the face with your finger tips  (or) can even spray it on the face

Best toners:

  1. The Body Shop Aloe calming toner rs 545
  2. Patanjali Rose water rs 25
  3. Fab india Tea tree toner rs 125
  4. Lotus herbals Basiltone toner rs 185
  5. Shahnaz hussain date enriched skin toner rs 400
  6. Fabindia Rose toner rs 75
  7. Aroma magic face toner rs70
  8. Biotique cucumber water rs 135
  9. Laneige pore trouble skin refiner
  10. LUSH tea tree toner
  11. VLCC Rose water toner rs 85

I m a DIY queen!!

  1. cucumber juice+honey
  2. apple juice/rose water /lime juice
  3. honey+apple/lemon
  4. cucumber juice+yogurt leave for 10 min
  5. rub champagne with cotton pad
  6. ice cubes made with green tea,vit E caps
  7. water melon juice +water +vodka in equal amounts can store for future use
  8. 1 peppermint tea bag+1/2 cup witch hazel+1 tbs fresh lemon juice+1 cup boiling water.refridgerate and use daily
  9. 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar+2/3 cup green tea+1 tsp olive oil/lemon/tea tree oil.twice a day can be stored in fridge for 2 weeks its best for acne prone skin
  10. chamommile herbal tea
  11. 2-3 tsp dried basil leaves+1 cup boiling water
  12. 1/2 thinly sliced orange+1/2 thinly sliced lemon+3/4 cup ethyl alcohol.blend,stain and use
  13. 1/2 cup chopped fresh mint+2 tbsp dried chamomile flowers crushed+4 cups water.Boil for 10 min let it cool strain refridgerate and use for 2 wks
  14. 2 ounces distilled water+6 drops lavender essential oil+3 drops sandalwood essential oil+4 drops tea tree oil.mix them and store.dont forget to shake well before use
  15. soak uncooked or raw rice in clean water and stir it till the water becomes cloudy and unclear.strain the water into a bottle and store for future use.
  16. eggwhite+honey+lemon juice
  17. 2/3 cup witch hazel,1/3 cup apple cider vinegar,6 drops of lavender essential oil.
  18. plain green tea.
  19. raw fresh carrot juice
  20. pineapple juice
oh my that was a long post.!!hope you all find it helpful..do you believe in toners?what works best for you?is toner under rated??do comment below...after all who doesnt like to be appreciated!!!hehe
take care


Cleansing : Day 1

hi girls,we are on the journey towards that perfect clean and clear skin,which definitely will need some tips,time,patience and above all the desire for it...so on this day 1 lets start from basics,the CTM routine we all read on net...this post has my opinions in simple,straight manner because we in the long run follow and stick with only things that are simple...got it...lets start our beautiful beauty journey right here right now!!!i m really excited about this ya!!!

cleansing is the first essential step towards clear skin.It is the simple process of removing all that we have on our faces at the end of the day..which may basically involve dirt,makeup,sweat,sebum,oils,pollution particles that all form a layer over the face clogging the pores,and retrieving all the shine and glow of the face making it appear dull.cleansers should be selected primarily based on one`s skintype dry,oily,combination skin.cleansers come in different types forms like foamy,gel like,granular,washes,gentle lotions,microbeads etc..
method of applying:
apply required amount of the product all over the face and neck. massage it in a circular motion for couple of minutes.wipe off with a moist cotton pad.Rinse with water and pat dry.it should be applied in an upward and outward movement.the skin should not be stretched,dragged,pulled.

Best cleansers:

  1. Liz cleanser(many bloggers swear by this though the price is on higher end)
  2. Fab india lavender 
  3. Laneige foaming cleanser
  4. Cetaphil cleansing lotion(for acne prone skin,its the best bet)
  5. LUSH herbalism
  6. Oxyglow neem tulsi facewash
  7. Himalaya cleanser?(review coming soon)
  8. clean and clear
  9. Nivea visage refreshing cleansing milk 150 rs
  10. Lotus lemon pure rs225
  11. VLCC sandal cleansing milk rs105
  12. Ayur gentle cleansing milk(though not great its a good cheap bet)
p.s-i havent used most of the products mentioned above and this is the list i made after reading numerous beauty blogs and searching all over the net,hope it helps.

I m a DIY queen:

  1. take 1 teaspoon unboiled milk,one fourth teaspoon lemon juice.mix them and apply all over face.....work in circular motion and wipe off with cotton pad.
  2. thin slice of cucumber/ tomato / potato
  3. take 1:1 ratio of cucmber juice and unboiled milk
  4. you can use full cream milk
  5. apply 1 teaspoon honey and pinch of haldi all over,leave it for 15 min and rinse with lukewarm water
  6. take half cup buttermilk and add 2 tablespoon crushes fennel seeds to it.this can be used as a cleanser every day
  7. simple and eefective is to add 3-4 drops of lemon juice to a teaspoon full honey and gently massage into skin
  8. I can swear by oatmeal and curd/yogurt mix
  9. more traditional way is to add 2 tablespoon ground rice to required amount of curd/yogurt
  10. mixure of almonds ground and raw milk works wonders to skin
  11. warm a cup of milk.add 1 tsp glycerin,1/4 tsp borax,1/4 tsp sodium bicarbonate till all three dissolve in milk.this is excellent for dry skin
  12. take 12 tbs petroleum jelly,4 tbs baby oil.1 tbs bees wax and melt them together.when heated add few drops of rose essence/rose water and store it for future use.
  13. rub the face well with an ice cube..u can make ice cubes with leftover green tea,cucumber water,mint juice and anything you have at that moment.
  14. slices of apple can be applied to face.they remove excess oils and helps unclog the pores
  15. we can use green gram powder/ besan chick pea powder with yogurt as natural safe cleansers.
  16. mint juice is an effective acne control natural cleanser...

this was all about the cleansers and the importance of cleansing in skin care..ya in fact its the very first step of any skin care routine...though i knew all this since ages,never been regular with it...blame my lazy bones.But writing this post once again made me realize the importance of cleansing my skin and hereby promise myself to daily cleanse my face twice every day how busy(read it lazy)i may be!!!

was this post helpful?what is your favourite cleanser that worked wonders for you??do u cleanse regularly??
ty so much for your support gorgeous girls


"Shape your life" self challenge

Hiya,At last i pulled myself to take up or rather plan this challenge for moi.I have been feeling low since many days,the reason acc to me may be due to the below 3 reasons that i zeroed on to.Its already end of the first month of the new year and looking back to the past months only made me more sad and unhappy.so i gathered myself from the pain(as i always do)and promised myself that i ll rectify all my mistakes of the past months in the days to come and wat better way to invite new year than to get better with self...so challenge will be to improve myself in all possible ways to get the Best me in the next 100 days to come before excitedly and professionally finish off my medicine,ya dr. i will be ..and nurture my Mind,Body and Soul...

1.academic tensions-with only 6 more months to graduation,to be officially doctor,i can sense tension everywhere.I have so many subjects to complete studying,for revision,to practical skills that i m in huge mess.

2.Body-The 3 month long summer vacation added up few more kilos to my already overweight body.hmm now i have much more to looose weight-wise and moree to gain fitness-wise.I m willing to try everything and aim at loosing good 16 in this 15 weeks to come(100 days)..will do both diet n exercise

 3.Beauty-ouch!!what have i done to myself..*tears rolling down*..my laziness now made my naturally pinkish fair face into a diaster with big pimples all over,acne marks on the cheeks,dark circles(i have them frm days unknown),scars.....i want a clean,clear face naturally witout any treatments...

To-do list:
so to achieve all that i desire,i should daily do
#1.finish off my daily academic goal
#2.watch my diet(no outside food,no colas,no sugar,no extra oil)
 3.daily compulsary breakfast(this is the hardest)
 4.2 lit water,2 apples daily,2 veggies
 5.do yoga(pranayamam,baba ramdev obesity yoga)
 6.do extra exercise aerobics,gym in the weekends,walk as much as possible,take stairs
#7.CTM twice daily,exfoliate,face packs twice a week,DIY facial every week
8. be calm,quiet,happy,cheerful,positive all day

All in all,i want to excel academically,loose 15 kgs and become fit,i want clean and clear,ya acne-free scar-free dark bags-free face...

hoping for the best...wish me luck guys i really need it....
feel free to comment,suggestions always welcome,wat worked for u personally?do u have some recommendations???


Happy Makara sankranthi/ Pongal...

Hello friends…how r u all doing and how did you celebrate pongal yesterday..i had good time with my friends. In a place like this far away from home with friends in the hostel,we always miss home and moms food.But we found our way out by making some very delicious and traditional sankranthi dishes which all Andhra people make…
These are poornam burelu: sweet dish

Bobbatlu,they taste yumm

These amazing fried appetizers are called garelu

The delicious vegetable biryani..

Overall had great time with yummy food..full-on petpooja…

Take care


Happy Bhogi

Hello friends…how are you all doing?? 
I had good time with friends today.we went outing to some shopping in mall, them to Mcd and while returning home there was heavy snowfall!!!!yayyyyy

tc guys


Sai Baba Nine Thursdays Vrat or Nav Guruvar Vrat

Hello friends, today is the last day of my sai baba vrat and so I wanted to share it with all you wonderful people so that some of you may benefit by its sacredness, purity and faith.

Sai Baba fast can be observed by any individual. The procedure of this fast is very easy. Sai Baba fulfils the desire of his devotee. By his grace, wishes come true. Sai Baba give the fruit even before asking. Just by recalling him, the obstacles of life are reduced. It is said that mightiness of Sai Baba has no end. Person having faith in him never faces any disappointment.

Nine Thursday Sai Fast (Vrat)
Sai Baba Vrat can be observed by any ordinary person. Even children can observe this fast. He never differentiate among his devotees. Any one who comes in his shelter whether rich or poor, gets his wishes fulfilled. Sai Baba fast once started should be continued for 9 Thursdays. Any person can start this fast by taking the name of Sai Baba. 
On the day of fast, after bathing in the morning, picture or idol of Sai Baba is worshipped. A yellow colored cloth is spread. Then, the idol or picture is placed on it. After this, Tilak of sandalwood is applied to it.

On the picture of Sai Baba, garla

nd of yellow flower should be placed. Sai Baba Vrat Katha is read by lightning of incense sticks and lamps. After this, Prasaad of Ladoo, made from gram flour, is distributed. In this fast, fruits are eaten or a meal of one time. Something or other should be eaten. You cant stay empty stomach while observing this Vrat.
This way on keeping the fast for 9 Thursday, it is considered favorable to visit Sai Baba temple. If there is no such temple nearby, the picture of Sai Baba placed at home should be worshipped with full faith and devotion. In any case, don’t leave the fast before completing the 9 Thursdays. 
Sai baba vrat story:
A woman named Kokila lived in a city with her husband Maheshbhai. Both of them had love for each other. But Maheshbhai’s nature was quarrelsome. He did not have sense of speaking. Neighbours were fed of Maheshbhai’s such nature, but Kokila was religious woman.
She had immense faith in God and she suffered everything without uttering a single word. Gradually her husband’s business declined and the earnings were also negligible. Now Maheshbhai did not go anywhere and stayed back at home. Moreover he was drawn to wrong path. Now his quarrelsome nature increased two fold.

It was afternoon time. An old man came and stood in front of the house of Kokila. He had a strange glow on his face. He demanded dal-chaval (lentil-rice). Kokila gave to the old man what he demanded and folded her hands before him. The old man said May Sai bless you with happiness. Kokila said there is no happiness in my fate and narrated everything about her unhappy life to the old man.
The old man explained the Vrat for 9 Thursdays. The vrat can be done by eating fruits or by taking lunch or dinner. If possible go to Sai Temple or otherwise worship Sai Baba at home for 9 Thursdays, observe fast and donate food to the hungry people and distribute 5, 11 and 21 Sai Vrat Books according to your economic condition.
If you increase the importance of this Sai Vrat, Sai Baba will fulfill all your desires. But you must have deep faith in Sai Baba and have patience in your mind. If anybody does this Vrat and duly performs its concluding ceremony, Sai Baba fulfills his/her desires.

Kokila did the Vrat for 9 Thursdays, distributed Sai Vrat books and fed the poor on 9th Thursday. Now all the quarrels in her home had disappeared. There was complete happiness as Maheshbhai’s nature had changed. His business now came back on track. In a short period, their economic condition also improved and everything became fine.
Both husband and wife started living their life happily. One day Kokila’s brother-in-law and his wife came to their home from Surat. Casually talking they told Kokila that their children do not study well. They have failed in exams. Kokila told them about the importance of Sai Baba Vrat for 9 Thursdays and said that by worshipping Sai Baba their children would be able to study well. But for that you must have deep faith in Sai Baba. Sai Baba helps everybody. She explained the procedure for the vrat which is as follows:

- This vrat can be done by eating fruits or by taking lunch or dinner.Never do it on an empty stomach.
- If possible go to Sai Baba temple for all 9 Thursdays.
- Any woman, man or child can do this vrat. Worship of Sai Baba photograph must be done for 9 Thursday.
- Offer flowers, light incense sticks and lamp, chant Arti and remember Sai Baba’s name and distribute prasad.
- On 9th Thursday feed poor people.
- On 9th Thursday distribute Sai Baba Vrat Books among family members and friends.
After few days Kokila received a letter from her brother-in-law’s wife that her children does Sai Vrat and have started studying hard. She herself did Sai Baba Vrat and distributed the books in her husband’s office. She added that due to Sai Baba Vrat her friend’s daughter’s marriage was fixed in a very nice family. Moreover her neighbour’s ornament box was lost somewhere. As a result of Sai Baba Vrat someone came and returned the box after two months. In this way such miracles happened.
 Now Kokila came to know that Sai Baba is really very great.
O Sai Baba please shower Your blessings on us as You have showered on others.

Sai Baba Vrat Udyapan (Conclusion of Fast)
After completing the 9 Thursday fast, on the last day, 5 poor people are given food and donation as per the capacity. Also, to spread knowledge about him, 7,11 or 21 books of Sai Baba should distributed in the neighbourhood. This way the fast is concluded.

Sai Baba Miracle

From time immemorial, India contains religious faith and believe in worshipping. Here different religions, classes and culture stay together. Many great saints took birth in India. Miracles performed by many of them are still in talk.
Many stories are famous about the Shirdi’s Sai Baba. Crores of Indian have fathomless faith in him. People of all religion come to have his vision. This has increased the popularity of Sai Baba’s institutes. 
This is nothing else but the miracle of Sai Baba. Today in nation, there are more that 80 thousand big and small temples of Sai Baba.
Below are the links for download of baba book in English:
1.sai vrat katha in english
2.sai vrat katha in hindi
3.procedure-and-story-of-sai-vrat in telugu
5./procedure-and-story-of-sai-vrat-in english

This is the Prasad i made today on completion of my vrat,gajar(carrot) halwa

Oh sai,bless us all….