Diet tip 5 : Portion control! Portion control!! Portion control!!!!

When we aim for weight loss,our full energy goes in loosing weight only.we do all crazy things like having all yucky drinks,fatfree junk,fad diets...but do we concentrate on the fact that `we not only want to loose weight but we want to put it off for the rest of life`...for this to happen we should adapt some changes,some lifestyle changes like the one below....

1.Controlling your portions is very important so that you dont overeat and then carry the guilt 
2.Before eating switch off your TV,computer,mobile so that you can concentrate on what you eat
3.serve yourself half of what you usually eat,on a nice.clean small pplate
4.Drink a glass of water
5.start eating and eat slowly chewing it properly

6.use the entire mouth and dont just chew from one side of your jaw
7.eat with all your senses relishing each and every bite.
8.if you want to eat some more,serve your self a second helping from the other half of whats left .
9.Now dont be in a hurry to get up,stay where you were for a couple of mins. clear youself up and clean your plate and glass instead of leaving it in the sink.
10.take a walk in your dining room for 5 min or move yourself in and around for a few mins..
how do you control your portions?what is your way to weight loss??plz share your two cents in the comments...it will help me thank u


  1. that is great tip!

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  3. done!!!
    n ty for the kind words...

  4. a very interesting post...
    I have been gaining and loosing weight for the past so many years....generally i gained weight due to hectic work and post marriage....and when i got back to my healthy ways, lost the kilos...

    Generally i like to eat 4-5 times a day with lots of fruits and sprouts


  5. ty ss..
    fruits contain fructose which is a complex sugar that gets easily converted to fat so avoid eating fruits in the night...
    see u around,thanks for visiting

  6. I spread my meals into several smaller servings throughout the day :)

  7. Having 5 small meals a day is a good way to control your appetite.

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thank u