Goodbye 2011

2011-good one or a bad one??best or worst???i don’t feel like putting a tag for it as it was a mediocre for me..nothing big happened with me..it was just a passing year which just made me a year older and a little wiser and smarter(really??)…

Optimist in me will brag about the brighter part of 2011-
*got  better with life..smart is the word
*went on a refreshing and fabulous holiday trip with friends..its the best one till date..had lotsss of fun
*discovered this amazing world of blogs…this in a whole opened new avenues for me…and met all you great people
*makeup blogs just transformed my humble lip balm, kaajal world to a whole new makeupholic  world…I bought sooo much makeup this year which I would probably buy in my whole life…now my vanity is so so much bigger…
*shopped a lot..thanks to the online shopping sites
*got better with fashion as a whole thanks to all the fashion blogs…its not that I didn’t knew it earlier but I was always rather shy and fearful to try out something new but now I m NOT…
*became a fabulous cook..this I never thought of in my wildest dreams(tap on back)

Now it’s the pessimist turn..
*it just did not turn out the way I wanted it to.
*academically my goals remained incomplete rather unfulfilled.
*instead of shedding sum kilos, I just have put on lot more and was obviously unsuccessful in parting with them
*with the dosage of emotions I have, I obviously had bad days.
*never fully executed my plans, my schedules that I planned for self-improvement.
As its over and becoming  a little smarter(!!) lets just forget the past and move on into the future…and welcome the new year happily….

this 2012 is going to be a BIG year for me with many many great things to do…oh god!!!please bless me and guys wish me luck!!!and plz accept the virtual yummy chocos friends!!

 p.s- those are the pics from our vacation…its Black sea…the water there is soooo fresh and clear…


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  1. happy new year..its always good to take stock once in a year!!!



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