Sai Baba Nine Thursdays Vrat or Nav Guruvar Vrat

Hello friends, today is the last day of my sai baba vrat and so I wanted to share it with all you wonderful people so that some of you may benefit by its sacredness, purity and faith.

Sai Baba fast can be observed by any individual. The procedure of this fast is very easy. Sai Baba fulfils the desire of his devotee. By his grace, wishes come true. Sai Baba give the fruit even before asking. Just by recalling him, the obstacles of life are reduced. It is said that mightiness of Sai Baba has no end. Person having faith in him never faces any disappointment.

Nine Thursday Sai Fast (Vrat)
Sai Baba Vrat can be observed by any ordinary person. Even children can observe this fast. He never differentiate among his devotees. Any one who comes in his shelter whether rich or poor, gets his wishes fulfilled. Sai Baba fast once started should be continued for 9 Thursdays. Any person can start this fast by taking the name of Sai Baba. 
On the day of fast, after bathing in the morning, picture or idol of Sai Baba is worshipped. A yellow colored cloth is spread. Then, the idol or picture is placed on it. After this, Tilak of sandalwood is applied to it.

On the picture of Sai Baba, garla

nd of yellow flower should be placed. Sai Baba Vrat Katha is read by lightning of incense sticks and lamps. After this, Prasaad of Ladoo, made from gram flour, is distributed. In this fast, fruits are eaten or a meal of one time. Something or other should be eaten. You cant stay empty stomach while observing this Vrat.
This way on keeping the fast for 9 Thursday, it is considered favorable to visit Sai Baba temple. If there is no such temple nearby, the picture of Sai Baba placed at home should be worshipped with full faith and devotion. In any case, don’t leave the fast before completing the 9 Thursdays. 
Sai baba vrat story:
A woman named Kokila lived in a city with her husband Maheshbhai. Both of them had love for each other. But Maheshbhai’s nature was quarrelsome. He did not have sense of speaking. Neighbours were fed of Maheshbhai’s such nature, but Kokila was religious woman.
She had immense faith in God and she suffered everything without uttering a single word. Gradually her husband’s business declined and the earnings were also negligible. Now Maheshbhai did not go anywhere and stayed back at home. Moreover he was drawn to wrong path. Now his quarrelsome nature increased two fold.

It was afternoon time. An old man came and stood in front of the house of Kokila. He had a strange glow on his face. He demanded dal-chaval (lentil-rice). Kokila gave to the old man what he demanded and folded her hands before him. The old man said May Sai bless you with happiness. Kokila said there is no happiness in my fate and narrated everything about her unhappy life to the old man.
The old man explained the Vrat for 9 Thursdays. The vrat can be done by eating fruits or by taking lunch or dinner. If possible go to Sai Temple or otherwise worship Sai Baba at home for 9 Thursdays, observe fast and donate food to the hungry people and distribute 5, 11 and 21 Sai Vrat Books according to your economic condition.
If you increase the importance of this Sai Vrat, Sai Baba will fulfill all your desires. But you must have deep faith in Sai Baba and have patience in your mind. If anybody does this Vrat and duly performs its concluding ceremony, Sai Baba fulfills his/her desires.

Kokila did the Vrat for 9 Thursdays, distributed Sai Vrat books and fed the poor on 9th Thursday. Now all the quarrels in her home had disappeared. There was complete happiness as Maheshbhai’s nature had changed. His business now came back on track. In a short period, their economic condition also improved and everything became fine.
Both husband and wife started living their life happily. One day Kokila’s brother-in-law and his wife came to their home from Surat. Casually talking they told Kokila that their children do not study well. They have failed in exams. Kokila told them about the importance of Sai Baba Vrat for 9 Thursdays and said that by worshipping Sai Baba their children would be able to study well. But for that you must have deep faith in Sai Baba. Sai Baba helps everybody. She explained the procedure for the vrat which is as follows:

- This vrat can be done by eating fruits or by taking lunch or dinner.Never do it on an empty stomach.
- If possible go to Sai Baba temple for all 9 Thursdays.
- Any woman, man or child can do this vrat. Worship of Sai Baba photograph must be done for 9 Thursday.
- Offer flowers, light incense sticks and lamp, chant Arti and remember Sai Baba’s name and distribute prasad.
- On 9th Thursday feed poor people.
- On 9th Thursday distribute Sai Baba Vrat Books among family members and friends.
After few days Kokila received a letter from her brother-in-law’s wife that her children does Sai Vrat and have started studying hard. She herself did Sai Baba Vrat and distributed the books in her husband’s office. She added that due to Sai Baba Vrat her friend’s daughter’s marriage was fixed in a very nice family. Moreover her neighbour’s ornament box was lost somewhere. As a result of Sai Baba Vrat someone came and returned the box after two months. In this way such miracles happened.
 Now Kokila came to know that Sai Baba is really very great.
O Sai Baba please shower Your blessings on us as You have showered on others.

Sai Baba Vrat Udyapan (Conclusion of Fast)
After completing the 9 Thursday fast, on the last day, 5 poor people are given food and donation as per the capacity. Also, to spread knowledge about him, 7,11 or 21 books of Sai Baba should distributed in the neighbourhood. This way the fast is concluded.

Sai Baba Miracle

From time immemorial, India contains religious faith and believe in worshipping. Here different religions, classes and culture stay together. Many great saints took birth in India. Miracles performed by many of them are still in talk.
Many stories are famous about the Shirdi’s Sai Baba. Crores of Indian have fathomless faith in him. People of all religion come to have his vision. This has increased the popularity of Sai Baba’s institutes. 
This is nothing else but the miracle of Sai Baba. Today in nation, there are more that 80 thousand big and small temples of Sai Baba.
Below are the links for download of baba book in English:
1.sai vrat katha in english
2.sai vrat katha in hindi
3.procedure-and-story-of-sai-vrat in telugu
5./procedure-and-story-of-sai-vrat-in english

This is the Prasad i made today on completion of my vrat,gajar(carrot) halwa

Oh sai,bless us all….


  1. Good for you Pavani, I'm a staunch believer in the power of praying.

  2. I am staunch believer in this great saint!!!

    thanks for posting this!!!


  3. I've read a lot of good things about him. I'm following your blog now :)

  4. @sonia: even i believe so much in praying and god.
    @ss: om sai ram
    @kaveri: ty so much.u r most welcome here girl.

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  8. Thank you for this article Pavani, I've bookmarked it..it's a wonderfully refreshing article and I am a staunch devotee and believer of Shri Sai Baba
    Congratulations on the completion of your vrat :)

  9. ty so much for appreciating keerthi...

  10. OM SAI BABA. I have not done a vrat, but I do fast every thursday and eat in the evening after praying and reading HIS ashotharam. Good to read this though. Thank You


  11. @raghu: om sai!!ty for visiting..see u around

    1. I read in sai sach-charitra that he was against going without food so I only eat and pray:)

    2. ya u shud take fruits,milk during the fast..never on empty stomach!!

  12. I am gr8 devotee for saibaba too that's a wonderful snap collection saibaba.Thanks for sharing such a devotional pics

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  14. Hello sir and mam, i m doing this Vrat today is the 5th guruvar, i am loosing my patience please pray for i am in very trouble, and please give me suggestion that for udayapan whether i should have to do this is 9th guruvar or 10th guruvar please help me , please pray for me i am suffering for a problem , last week i did Sapthaik prayan of sai sat charita. please pray sai baba he give me patience and full fill my wish.

    1. udyapan should be done on 9th thursday...and have faith in sai!!he will take care of all your problems..i wish u peace and health arun...om sai ram

  15. I love a girl she also love me both are working. both are interested to marry with each other. she tried to convince her parents so many time, my parents is agree. but her parents is not agree. i am doing nav guruvar vrat to fulfill my wish.6th guruvar has been over . her father told dont talk to him dont meet so many kasam , finally she dont talk to me but sometime avoiding that kasm she talk to me then she cry what should i do papa in not getting agree. if we will marry somehow her father told he will die. please pray from sai baba make her parent convince. sai baba never distinguish any people why should he distinguish me and her. please help me please pray sai baba make her parents convince.

    1. hi arun,
      Have you get succeed in your love?

  16. Hi Pavani, like you I have immense faith in Sai baba. Thanks for this post...unfortunatley i cannot do this vrat where I live. Love Sai Baba <3

    1. Hello mam .. if any body believe in sai baba , then if he is going to any dargha , then he may ask wish to there or not, or we have to ask only from our sai baba..please reply

    2. god is one and he is everywhere...u can pray him anywhr u like arun...

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  18. Hi Pavani
    I am going to start the 9guruvar vrat from tomorrow. I have a question regarding the Pooja regarding On the 9th Guruvar the books which we distribute among our relatives or friends.
    1st : Do we have to give these books compulsorily in our Home?Or can we give them in Temple and ask the Poojari ji (Priest) to distribute them to other devotees or can we distribute them in Temple?
    2nd : Should the books which we are going to distribute must be placed in Pooja mandap for all the 9 Thursdays and do the pooja all with them in place along with Baba's photo for 9thursdays and then on 9th thursday distribute them?

    Please clear my doubts and bless me that my Vrat should be successful.

    Thank you

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  20. i love sai baba...plz give me a good life baba...i want to live so happy ...plz help me baba....plz baba....baba i and my family always need happiness baba...and baba plz na bangaranni nannu kalapava baba plz baba....na bangaram natho matladela cheyyava plz baba na chinna request chesthav ani nammakam tho unna...plz e rojunundi thanu natho matladela cheyyava plz baba...memu malli dhaggaraiyyela chudava baba...plz help cheyyava...naku oka manchi life ne esthavani nammakam tho unna...plz baba....i always love u baba.......love u baba...love u baba...love u baba.....

  21. Hi Bhavani,

    Good to know that you are wiling to do Baba's vrat. May Baba be with you in completing the vrat.
    Regarding the queries about the vrat.
    1. You can buy the vrat books on the last Thursday (9th Thursday) and give it to the Baba temple priest and ask him to keep it at Baba's feet and return. Once that's done, you distribute the books to the disciples in the temple. While distributing ask them for the following and then give so that the book is used for vrat only.
    a. Whether they can read the book in the language used in the book.
    b. Whether they are interested in reading the book or plans of doing the vrat.
    c. Try to gauge the person taking the book, because they are people from the shop who stand in queue to get the books and again resale.

    The main reason for mentioning as friends and relatives is because you know the person you are giving and you also know that the person will not use it for any other wrong purpose.

    Hope this clears both the queries posted by you.

  22. thnx pavani.........
    this is mh 2nd thursday of sai baba's vrat...

  23. nice blog frnd i love sai baba and alo nice photo of sai baba

  24. Baba I need you, please help me.
    Jai Sai Ram.


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  26. Om Sairam Jai Sairam : HE IS GREAT

  27. Hi,

    I had 1 doubt. If in case of women, if they are in periods time then also can we continue this vrat. please clarify my doubt

  28. u can continue that vrat from next thursday.... u should skip this thursday

  29. is there any particular time in the morning/evening to do vrat?
    can we place bannana as prasad to baba
    shud we eat fruits all the day and also dinner/lunch( i mean both fruits and dinner/lunch)or is it either of them?
    one more question, reading kokila ji's story and reading arti is enough, right?

    please reply asap. i'm dng vrat from tomorrow

  30. Hey, i've completed sai baba's vrat. now i want to do the udyapan. i just want to know the time of udyapan. should it be done in the morning only or at any time before evening. Please help me.

    Amit Kumar

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  34. iam doing nine thursday sai vrat. i did the pooja 8th thursday in the morning. after i got the perid .pis suggest can i count or not.

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  38. i have completed saibaba vrat 8th thursday in the morning.After i got the period.

    can anybody tell me is it count or not.

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  76. Om sairam.. This is my 9th thursday. I usually take juice in the afternoon and a tiffin at nite. But this is my last thursday, i had my lunch :( am really worried, will baba become angry on me? Am really scared. But very happy that i distributed the vrat books to my friends, and one of my friend got a good news as soon as reached home from temple. Its all BABA's grace. Will BABA forgive me for having my lunch? :( Please reply :(
    Jai Sai Jai Jai Sai

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