DIET TIP 2 green tea


Hello guys...this post is about the most easy-to-follow diet tip-drink 5 cups of green tea daily.Though as a future doctor i want to give a detailed explanation about green tea,the student in me says that u ppl know everything n it will be gr8 to just hit to the point...so....

How to:
we can prepare green tea by 4 methods
1.electric kettle:heat 1 cup of water in an elctric kettle and then let it cool down for 10-15 min then drop the green tea bag/spoonfull of green tea leaves n let it sit for 2 min n its ready to drink {or}if you dont have the time to wait then add 1/3 part of cold water to 2/3 of hot water n then dip ur tea bag

2.microwave oven:take 1 cup of water n let it in microwave for 1.5 min n then add green tea n enjoy your cup of tea

3.stove: on stove heat 1 cup of water till it becomes hot for 3-4 min and then add the tea

4.refridgerate:for a cool n refreshing drink,place the 1 cup of cooked green tea in the freezer for 15 min and relish the chilled goodness..
Its important:
1.Never add green tea to boiling water.The water used should only be hot not boiling otherwise the goodness of green tea decreases.

2.Dont add sugar or any artificial sweetners...

3.never allow the green tea to sit in hot water for more than 2.5 min

4.green tea without anything added like sugar and milk is Zero calories.

5.green tea 1 cup can burn 70-80 calories per day paired with exercise.


Green tea is helpful in:
*rheumatoid arthritis
*high cholesterol levels
*cardio vascular diseases
*impaired immune function
*reduces appetite
*boosts metabolism

My take:
I drink 5 cups of green tea everyday mainly for my weight loss..i dont add anything to my cup.Its difficult to develop this green tea habit because of its smell and taste but its goodness will the get on you...i sometimes use green tea as a toner(mixed with apple cider vinegar),as a hair rinse,as a scrub (with sugar and olive oil),as a face mask...

Do you have the habit of green tea?how do you prepare your cup of green tea and plz share the other ways you use this treasure...
stay healthy and beautiful...
               ciao                                                         -pav 


  1. I have started drinking one cup a day in the afternoon. Well, I mainly started it because I bought a packet from store one day and it was just sitting in my kitchen! I have heard lot of good things about it - some proven and some unproven. Overall, I think there are various benefits, big one for me being antioxidants :)


  2. I have not tried it yet just bcoz I can't imagine a tea without milk or sugar...still wanna loose weight but now I'll give it a try..:)

    You've nice blog... am following you now :)

  3. @sovina:ya even i started with drinking 1 cup a day..it tastes sooo bad in early days!!

  4. @vertu: you can start it with small amount of sugar or honey and gradually move on to plain tea..thank u so much for appreciating the blog

  5. Great blog.
    Just stumbled across and liked a lot.
    I am so addicted t coffee, so I don't think Green Tea can ward off my sleepiness!!! :)
    Do drop by my blogs sometime.
    Would love it if you'd follow them too... :)
    Fashion Panache
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  6. thank you ya...n u have gr8 blogs following u back...

  7. i nvr knew green tea shldnt be added 2 boiling watr..nice post dear!!

  8. I used to have three. But now in winters I manage to have only one or two a day :(
    Green tea with few drops of lemon is the best
    It is packed with antioxidants, burns fat faster and eases the digestion.


  9. I usally drink with out any milk and sugar its very hard to do but still will do that..Lovely tips iys really helpfull :)

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