Diet tip 4 : Honey,lemon,warm water

Hey sweet pies,
      I m sure you have heard about this a hundred times before..right!!!people in india claim it as a magic potion for weight loss but what i want to say is only this wont help you loose all that weight...it sure is magical but not for loosing those piles of fat but for overall health and metabolism...got it!!

How to:
simply add a teaspoon of honey,2-4 drops of lemon juice to a glass of warm water.stir it and consume the drink...
1.it helps in weight loss by dissolving the fat if consumed regularly
2.the bacteria-killing properties of honey increase by two folds when mixed with lukewarm water.
3.honey mixed wit water produces hydrogen peroxide in the body which is a natural antibiotic
4.it helps in treating wounds
5.this helps in detoxification of body
consume this drink every morning on an empty stomach and may be at bedtime..on the days of fasting(we do it in india on spl day s for spiritual reasons)take this in regular 1-2 hr intervals to aid the detoxification process...thats it frnds...
do you take this daily??what is your magic potion for weight loss and health??dont forget to share yours...


  1. Hey, I drink this every morning.. But i use normal water, not luke warm water in particular.. I started 20 days ago....

  2. me too drink this daily...thankx for following hasini...

  3. I swear by this drink. Totally!

  4. very true! I totally followed this tip when I was trying to lose some weight..totally works.Thanks for you comment on the blog. Pavani is such a uniques name. What does it mean? Just curious :)

    Happy to be your newest follower :)


  5. pavani means whose touch purifies...
    love to hear more abt your wedding sovina...i too love everything about weddings...i m so happy to have u as my new blogging frnd sovina..


thank u