Simple PURPLE nail art

Today we had a last minute party plan,so i did very very simple nail art...hope you all like it
1.Apply purple nail paint all over your nails.I did two coats.let it dry completely..then stick a rhinestone each on your dried nails
  2.Now with your dotting tool or tooth-pick,do dotted flowers around the rhinestone..
3.you can stop now or go ahead and do 2 more flowers on the side.
4.now apply a top coat and seal in everything...n  you are done girl!!!
did you like this simple nail-do???which kind do you like more simple,cute,bright,french tips,dramatic???


  1. very nice nail art..u do it in such a neat and clean way...I am so messy!


  2. WOW! This is the very 1st time am visiting your blog, awesome nail art, very pretty design and hats off to your precision and patience, I've just done one nail art till date and man it was so time consuming phewwww, thanx for sharing :)

  3. ty so much for the appreciation..it means a lot to me priya..
    stay around i ll post v.v.simple ones because i too find it time consuming yaar!!!

  4. beautiful.... i really love the simple design... this is my all time favourite... i myself do lot of nail art stuff :)


thank u