Happy new year 2012

Hello friends …I wish you all a very very happy new year 2012…This year is going to be a very crucial one for me..it has all the big decisions of my life!!!I just hope everything turns out well this time…

New life..new beginning!!
I just feel like starting everything new..new goals,new thoughts.why count the past failures??just try harder this time and don’t leave til you DO IT.
“The greatest glory is not in never falling but in raising everytime you fall “
I quite like the concept of resolutions though was never successful..never mind we are all fighters right??i m a firm believer of making resolution/goals that are measurable, penning them down on paper I prefer a nice diary/book,sharing them with your closed ones or virtual friends/blog who always support you , and try hard reaching them…it is only when you clearly see,write and dream your goal, you become emotionally attached to it and your subconscious mind starts working for it!!!

My resolutions 2012:
1.complete all my academic goals on time with perfection(medicine needs a lot more patience dear!!).

2.Thats it!!i HAVE to lose weight this time…its like now or never for me…my goal is 15 kilos…and a toned body(u have to work-out for this fool!!!just get up from the couch and move that butt)

3.enough is enough is what I want to say to my face…I want to have clean and clear skin this year….all these marks are killing me!!and I quite worked out a plan for this.( planning does no good stupid unless you work on it)

4.become silent, calm, cool, focused ,talk less ,argue very less basically little mature and decent for my job.(its going to be hard )

5.blog daily..i want to share all the little things of my life that I do everyday..anything from a snickers I eat,coffee I drink to anything I like to put it here…

6. I have collected a lot of makeup last year and now it’s the time to use it.I plan on trying some looks,basically learn how to do my makeup flawless...
And to be precise with it, I will update my progress every month and I plan on achieving all this by end of april…so may 1st will be the big day and the day I will be ripped…

Enough of mine..what did you guys plan this year??any resolutions??as always it would be a pleasure to hear it from you…blogging is all about sharing and getting better…I also want to thank my blogging friends tanvi, gayatri , anamika,  swati, anju, sovina who were kind and sweet to me n ur support means a lot to me girls…love you all and looking forward to more love this 2012…

Takecare and have a blast


p.s:plz accept my virtual cake and icecream..i wish u loads and loads of happiness…


  1. Hey hi..Wish you a happy New Year too. I like your blog. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. ty so much for all your comments...

  3. My new year wish for you is that you get all the motivation to complete all your resolutions.

    This post is definitely straight frm ur heart :)

  4. a very happy New YEar to u too...:)) That's a very good and ambitious list of resolutions. I will be happy if I can do 50% of my resolutions till year end..have a great 2012 :))


  5. Happy New Year Pavani. Wish you all the best for your resolutions. I've made my own little list. I hope we can both achieve whatever we wish for :)

  6. All the best for keeping the resolutions and all the decisions you have to take this year :) :)

  7. @namita:ya it is n ty..
    @sovina:yippie...u r back..missed u around..happy new yr
    @gayatri:ya gud luck n strenghth to us..
    @purvi:ty so much

  8. lovely goals, hope you get them achieved! happy new year and hope you have a great 2012!

  9. Happy (belated) new year Pavani.. Hope you will achieve all your resolutions successfully. I have a very bad past with resolutions so now i have even stopped thinking about them..

  10. pc:thankiees.. n wish u the same!!
    swati:hw was urs???tyy hehe


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