7 day cabbage soup diet for weight loss

Losing weight and getting rid of that ''excess baggage"can be really tough and wit all the food loving friends around its even more tough to resist the temptation.We are planning on a vacation soon and i want to lose few pounds before hitting the beach.I just have 15 days to work on my weight so had no other good options left other that try this diet(being the lazy couch potato i m,i cant really trust my workout promise u know!!!)

Coming to the diet,the soup diet is based on fatburning soup that has negligible calories.It allows the dieter to eat unlimited amount of soup(this iz the best part for me bcoz v have that soft side for anything unlimited rite??)

The Diet Plan:

1.Day one:  fruit is the major part of todays diet
   *eat as much soup as you like
   *eat only fruit ,all the fruit you want except banana
   *drink green tea,herbal teas(remember without sugar darlings),black coffee,cranberry juice,of course lots of WATER.

2.Day two:  vegetables are the big part today
    *eat as much soup as u wish
    *all you want fresh raw,cooked veggies og your choice
     *reward youself with a baked potato large
     *drinks as on 1st day

3.Day three:  mix them both
    *combine days one and two and avoid the baked potato...

4.Day four:  go bananas!!
    *eat as many as 8 bananas with as much skimmed milk as you can along with your unlimited soup...this day is supposed to lessen your cravings for sweets

5.Day five:   tomatoes and beef
    *you can include 6 tomatoes and between 10-15 ounces of beef with your cabbage diet.for people like me who dont eat beef we can have baked chicken instead of beef but remember not to eat the skin on the chicken..

6.Day six:   unlimited beef/chicken  and veggies
   *eat beef and vegetables(ya!as much as you want)along with the soup.No baked potato.

7.Day seven:  rice
   *eat brown rice with your vegetables and soup
    *no bread,alcohol not even diet sodas

the typical claimed intent of the diet is to lose 10 pounds(4.5 kilos)of weight in a week and much of the weight lost is water..this diet should not be continued more than a week and there should atleast be three weeks gap before repeating it again...i will post the cabbage soup recipe in the next post

wat say guys???did you ever tried this diet or heard anything regarding this from your friends??what are your best bets for weight loss?how did you lose your weight??plz comment..thanks    


  1. Hey this is that GM diet regime rite.. me tried this many a times.. You will feel fresh and light but the only problem is you will gain your weight back in a month :( At first I had hard time finishing it off.. later I got used to it :)

    btw nice blog :) following you :)


  2. hi rekha..thank u so much for following
    nice to know that u finished this diet..i will try to taake xtra care regarding the weight gain...

  3. me done it many times and failed many more time..get headaches if u dont drink enough water..but good to drop few kgs before a function..

  4. Hey pavani!! plz do a post about how to loose stomach or waist fat quickly..actually am gonna attend a party soon in which I have to look good, am gonna wear saree but bcoz of the waist fat I don't find myself lookin good. Hope you post it soon :)

  5. hi vertu,i have done my research and the only thing that works for stomach n waist is exercise,abs workout and you can even try wearing a thick fat and large belt that we get in chemist shop...

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