Drink plenty of water or unsweetened teas or other calorie free beverages:
         *water helps cleanse your body from waste and toxins ,and it improves your skin moisture.

       *it supresses hunger and unnecessary cravings so very helpful in weight loss.water is a appettite supressor.

       *speeds up your metabolism,so that we can burn more calories than usual.

       *water helps in better digestion and absorption of vitamins and nutrients.

       *water helps in the maintainance of the muscle tone during the weight loss

       *water also helps in the sagging of skin common in weight loss.


The general amount indicated always is a good 8 glasses per day.But over weight people should drink an extra 1 glass of water for every extra 20 pounds(approx 8 kilos) and 1 glass water for very 20 min of workout.If you cant drink plain water try adding lemon,mint,herbal teas etc.

My way:I try to drink a good 3 litres every day and 3 cups of unsweetened green tea.Drink as much water as possible in the morning hours and less in the nights.try to avoid colas and other beverages they do nothing good to us,just a hole in the pocket

                                                                          luv   Pav

what is your take on water and how much do you drink daily??any advice for weight loss or what worked for you???


  1. Nice post...Though I am slowly trying to increase my intake of water, I make it a point to drink at least 6 glasses of water every day xoxo

  2. great post.. I'm trying to stick to 8 glass a day and maintaining distance with cola's

  3. ya me too trying to stay away frm colas..


thank u