Blog Awards

I received my first blog awards from our lovely blogger anju of indianmakeupways who is a doctor by profession(i call her senior)n beauty is her passion..its been a zillion years since i received them but somehow couldnt do them...ty so much for these awards anju...

  Rules to follow when accepting these awards

  Say 7 random things about yourself:-

1.As far as i remember,i have only one full on celebrity crush..n its on tollywood superstar whom we fondly call PRINCE Mahesh babu(for u all who dont knw him as a star,hez the husband of namrata shirodkar,pukar ,bride n prejudice fame)

2.No offence,but i always preferred subhash chandra bose,bhagath singh to gandhi...(i dont want to sound bizarre but this is wit me since childhood n even after trying for yrs my mom couldnt change it)

3.I listened my first hindi song(pardesi from raja hindustani)when i was in 4th grade(being a hyderabadi i always had telugu friends around and v always communicated either in english or telugu so hindi was something we never preffered at that time) but the scene is completely different now..now all 300 songs in my ipod are hindi songs..

4.People who meet me for the first time always get the impression that i m proudish,not approachable...but its just that i m slow at starting conversations 

5.I lost 3 mobile phones till now

6.I m addicted to Friends series..watched all the 10 seasons numerous times

7.I cant dance..at all

though it says to tag 7 people i want to tag all my 42 followers(i prefer the word bloggingmates)...u all make me happy wit ur love...thank u for all the love...


  1. Even I prefer Bhagat Singh to Gandhi ! Any day !
    But I loveee dancing :)
    Congrats..loved reading bout u :)

  2. I think every girl in A.P. has a crush n Mahesh Babu.. LOL
    LOved reading it.

    PS: was trying to follow you but not able to do it.. :(

  3. ya we all have it na!!murari,pokiri,athadu(i love him in this) now doookudu...
    try again swati...

  4. you know I think more people prefer Bhagat Singh and Bose to Gandhi...at least all I have ever met!!! And, I didn't know anything about Mahesh 2-3 years before but then I saw Pokiri and he was awesome in that!!! I didn't know you were in Ukraine :) you know all my mobiles go bad!!! my parents are tired of giving me mobiles :D I can't sing at all and dance a little, really bad at girly accomplishments :O your blog is fun!!!


thank u