How to drink water??? and day 1

The title may sound bizarre and you may feel i m crazy(wtf,now u will tell us how to drink our water,,wats wrong with these bloggers???)well,no..i m in my full senses..drinking water may not be as simple as we all believe..our body reacts to excess water that causes water retension in different ways.The most common effects may be weakening of bones,muscle cramps,joint pains,aches in the body,shooting pain in the muscles,internal organs may be damaged,infections,high bloodpressure,constipation,make u put on weight,bloating etc may occur.for this you need not keep drinking buckets of water but just regulate the good 3-4 lit of water you take daily in a proper fashion so that you can be benefited...i already shared the importance of water for weightloss here


  • 1 lit of lukewarm water immediately after you wake-up(before brushing your teeth)
  • 1 glass: 20 min after breakfast
  • 1 glass:before lunch
  • 1 glass:after lunch
  • 2 glasses: 20 min before exercising
  • sip water during workout,dont gulp or over drink
  • 3 glasses: after workout
  • 1 glass:before teatime
  • 1 glass:before dinner
  • 1 glass: after dinner
  • 1-2 glasses before sleeping
  • carry around your favourite water bottle to work and sip whenever needed and keep refilling it  .

you may find it difficult in the starting but it just takes a few days and you will be habituated to have your daily water intake in a perfectly healthy way..yay!!!

1.i could just complete 20% of my todays academic goals(will do better tomorrow)

I just took a 20 min walk today...my acne is getting worse.i tried honey mask today,details are
Face mask for clear,glowing skin:
in 1 teaspoon of honey add a pinch of homemade haldi/turmeric and few drops of lemon juice.apply this mixure all over the face and neck,leave it on.after 20 mins wet your hands and gently massage the face with mask for a minute and then wash off with lukewarm water.this will add  glow to your face...

how much water do you drink daily?do you agree with this way of water intake?is there a better way??what should we do for this stupid acne???


  1. Wow that's a lot of water!! Lol. I can't imagine drinking all that during the day. I probably should though. :P

    I normally have a cup of green tea in the morning, glass of water with lunch, glass of water before dinner, and glass of water after dinner.

    I definitely need to try that face mask too! Thanks for the tips. :)

  2. even i like green tea,but make sure not to drink it on empty stomach jennifer..thank you for liking it...see u around dear!!

  3. these are some really cool tips. I do drink lots and lots of water. I love drinking juice and as I am a bit on the plump side I have replaced it with water, so I think i am getting all the benefits :D

  4. pavani ..there is one point which i would u to research on ..it is said that one should not drink water immediate after lunch or dinner and give it a time gap of atleast half an hour otherwise it leads to weight gain.will u find it for me dear ?

  5. letme tell u girl..drinking water is real good 4 health but pretty tough job..i try n drink lot of it but can go beyond 3 glasses a day!

  6. ya anju juices have a lot of hidden calories which eventually add up,so its to better to take fresh fruits...

  7. hi anu glad to c u here..ya we shud not drink water immediately after eating,drink them after 10-15 min of finishing wit ur food...

  8. i so agree wit u nivi..its really a gud habit for health n even i m trying hard to drink more everyday!!!all the best to us

  9. i do drink lots of water since the time i was diagnosed with peptic ulcers
    it is one of those important nutrient which tend to be forgotten easily
    i am also having my share of acne these days..and what a big share :(

  10. hw r u now shaili??i heard sumwhr that drinking cabbage juice haelps wit ulcers...even i m having bad skin phase wit acne these days

  11. Hi... That was an informative post. I think, I almost follow the routine except drinking one ltr of luke warm water just after getting up. I just drink a couple of glasses of room temp water. I think, I should start taking luke warm water. I also heard that taking luke warm water just before sleeping is also beneficial for allergic and gastric related probs.

  12. WOW! This post is great. I have at least 3 litters of water throughout the day. 1 liter during and after workout.
    I love health blogs because I am also a fitness freak.



thank u