Beautiful me: 21 days beauty challenge

hey,sorry for the long absence and the reason is the academic pressure,we had cardiology classes so was a little busy with that...and this only made me think of a new challenge to improve my skin condition...

why the beauty challenge?
    like all the girls(may be majority)i too started having pimples from teenage and ya due to stupidity i always used to touch them with fingers and ya even press them and do all kinds of weird things to it..they got angry everytime and leaved me with a black scar...and to myyy i m suffering with recent acne breakouts and to top it they are even painful..so with all these acne n their horrendous scars i thought why not give a decent try at giving them a nice bye-bye...

why 21 days?
    i read somewhere that for a thought to cultivate into a regular habit,it takes 21 days....you heard it right!!!when you follow a new thought religiously for 21 days it will adjust itself into your daily routine and in due time will be your proud habit...

what will we do these 21 days?
     Basically i had this eye to beauty articles,tips,home remedies,product reviews from my schooling days and it just got doubled after i started reading all the lovely beauty blogs  this year but when i gave a serious thought of why is my skin in this bad condition in spite of me knowing everything to improve it...i found my answer!!!we in general read all the beauty articles,sometimes we even write them,save them but most of the times we just feel too lazy to actually try them on regular basis....i m a maniac in this aspect,i sometimes apply 2-3 facepacks on a single day when i m inspired or go weeks altogether without a single pack...so i thought why not brush up all the beauty knowledge we learned all these years and religiously follow it for 21 days to make them habits for life

what topics do we cover here?
  we will start here as a beginner to skin care, learn everything to maintain healthy beautiful skin like ctm,face packs,facials,manicures,pedicures,massages and everything that makes us more beautiful...its just my skin but better

Day 1- cleansing
Day 2-toning
Day 3-exfoliation

ty so much for your luv,


  1. great idea..
    looking forward for loads of tips..

    I never had pimple problem in my teen age but after i shifted to hyderbad, i started getting them .. :(

  2. I have the worst skin Pavani so I'm really looking forward to your tips :)


  3. @swati-i had it since my teenage ya!!but i m quite shocked abt getting them at this time since i m no more in teenage
    @gayatri-v will do this together girl!!

  4. ah! i like this challenge..will come to your blog regularly to inspire myself to do this..very creative also..have never heard this one before :))

    I will soon put up my bridal pics..It's been long time since I have been thinking of doing that..will be up soon on the blog..have a great weekend :))

  5. i am all eyes and ears and every damn single sense :)

  6. @sovina-ty..n i m soo excited to see ur pics ya
    @shaili-ty dear


thank u