120 Full Colour shimmer eye shadow palette with Leather case

Day 4

120 colour shimmery eye shadow palette

Tadaaa!!this is the most raved about shimmery 120 eye shadow palette,that is PERFECT for doing arabic eye makeup,bridal looks and creative eye art..
These are some pics I have taken in a little hurry..
120 full colour eye shadow palette

120 full colour eye shadow palette 

I love that it is:
·         Very stylish packaging…it looks very sophisticated in that maroon leather like cover with a button opening..totally chic I must say.
·         All the 120 shades are very unique in every sense and would just make any girl go mad with their brightness.
·         They are awesomely pigmented…more pigmented than some branded eye shadows.
·         Great for arabic eyes,indian bridal wear,parties,gilttely looks.

Grab it if you are passionate for shimmery bright colours, you will definitely love it.Neutral /no makeup girls may not find is useful. But some shimmer will always be good right??

Do you own this beauty??what are your favourite eyeshadows girls…

Take care
Love,beauty and health to all 


  1. oh wowww this is sooo beautiful! in love with all the millions of colors! cant wait to see the looks you come up with!

    Ginger and Lace

  2. These palettes are often saviors! I really wonder why brands like Lakme , Colobar etc don't get into this concept!

    1. totaaly agree with ur thought nivedita..we get so muchhh for such less money...

  3. oo..nice..I have the normal 120 one..but I like my 88 warm one more..totally love that :)

  4. where did u get dis from ..pavani??

  5. Su sitio web es muy útil. Gracias por compartir. Mirando hacia adelante para leer más!


thank u