Project 100 Days Challenge

Day 1

Project 100 Days Challenge:

Project 100 Days:

There are just 100 days more for me  in becoming a doctor,the one thing I dreamed of from when I was 5 and standing just  3 months away is making me … very happy,excited,thrilled ,tension,worried about future,full of anxiety,just soo many feelings all at the same time.Just many mixed  emotions and I wanted to capture these beautiful last days of my medicine,these precious moments, for the future and what better way than to share them here on my blog with all you lovely people.This would just be a kind of journal of things I m doing,thinking of doing and that are done.hope we will have a smooth sail.

Challenge 100 Days:

On my day of graduation, I want to be my personal best-till date.I want to finish off the things I had planned all these years and somehow could not complete them.i wanna make some permanent changes to my lifestyle that would help me become a better doctor and a better professional.
I want to get better with life
Continuous efforts give power to rise
In these 100 days,the challenge is
To improve myself  1% a day everyday
So that would make 100% improvement in the 100 days…perfect!!!

1.become fully prepared academically…perfect with everything
2.i m an cheerful extrovert but somehow now I feel that I should become a little calm, would like to be an introvert by choice.(tips are most welcome as I just cant stop talking).
3.lose my extra weight don’t stare plz ,15 kilos and a nice toned body.
4.get clean and clear skin,acne-free,dark circles-free and gorgeous hair.
5.healthy lifestyle change with good organic food and exercises.

 I will keep you all updated on my journey and any tips on thse are most welcome and I will be sharing the small tips and tricks,secrets that I discover in my way with you all so stay tuned and don’t forget to share your tips with me and thus help me in my endeavor.

Thank you,
Looking forward to the 100 days….



  1. when i read the latest post, i wondered what day 7 meant....looked back to this post..wonderful initiative and all the best!!



thank u