Exfoliation :Day 3

hi beauties,
 Exfoliation is the removal of the oldest dead skin cells that cling to the skin`s outermost surface or epidermis,eliminating impurities,oilbuildup,improving circulation and stimulating cell renewal.When done correctly it leaves the skin smooth,fresh,radiant and healthy.It speeds of the skins natural process of shedding dead skin cells and prevents pimples,blackheads by keeping the pores clear of impurities.If pores and sebacious glands are blocked they can cause build of debris leading to developing blemishes.

Types of exfoliation:
 1.Mechanical exfoliation-in this the exfoliation is done physically by using abrasives.they can be either by using a product that has abrasive particles like scrubs,using tools like loofah,wash cloth,gloves,brushes.
2.chemical exfoliation:enzymes alphahydroxic acids,beta hydroxic acids,chemical peels with glycolic acids,salicilic acids are used.

How to exfoliate:
Just dab a pea size of product wet it with water and work it smoothly on the skin with small circular motion,thus scrubbing off the dead cells.As over exfoliation causes skin irritation,dryness it is adviced to exfoliate only once or twice a week.Its always better to do it frequently tahn to wait long and opt for harsh salon treatments.
IMP:never ever forget to exfoliate your lips,they also need good exfoliation otherwise the lips appear older than the facial skin.

Best scrubs:

  1. Jovees veg peel
  2. Himalaya Neem scrub rs 65
  3. Himalaya Apricot scrub rs65
  4. Lotus berry scrub
  5. Vlcc Indian burberry scrub rs 205
  6. Everyuth apricot scrub rs 85

I m a DIY queen:

  1. the best till date:Sugar+a spoon full of olive oil
  2. oatmeal grounded+water -it works better than any store bought one
  3. oatmeal+milk+honey
  4. rub half lemon with sugar granules
  5. sugar+almond oil
  6. aspirin+water dissolve it any gently rub with fingers or a gentle toothbrush.it works great for acne skin and gives us beauties baby soft skin hmmm...
  7. carrot juice+sugar+1 teaspoon honey
  8. sugar+honey+olive oil.this can be stored for a month
  9. Dip a slice of tomato in sugar and scrub the skin.leave it for 10 min and rinse
  10. 1 tsp apricot kernel powder+3 tsp apricot pulp+3 tsp ripe papaya pulp.mix them well scrub,leave for 20 min and rinse.tadaa you will be blessed with glowing skin my frnd!!
  11. 1 tbsp each of baking soda,face lotion/cleanser.
  12. besan+moong dal powder+milk..Indian heritage ha
  13. mix 1 tsp of facewash+2 tsp of salt. for the girl on-the-go
  14. Blend carrot+2 tsp honey+1 tsp semolina+oil leave on for 15 min after scunning
  15. 1 tsp baking soda+salt
  16. 1 tsp rice flour+honey+milk
  17. sugar+honey
  18. 1 tsp apple cider vinegar+1 tsp green tea+1 tsp sugar+honey.it can be stored and used for 2 weeks.it does wonders for acne prone skin..ya will see how well u work for me!!!
  19. pineapple+oatmeal+honey
  20. was saving the best for the last mm yummm  1 spoon nescafe +unboiled raw milk+sugar  
  21. ground cofee beans 20+milk powder+bodywash
thats it girls..we all are already 15% near to our clean and clear skin...oh nature bless us all with beautiful,healthy skin..ya i m getting a little desperate umm...
take care girls,


  1. I should use DIY techniques rather than bombarding my skin with chemicals when I exfoliate. Going to try that oatmeal scrub soon :)


  2. even i m turning to DIY completely these days ya!!

  3. OMG I love this I soo want to try these your awesome!

  4. Hey Pavani,
    Wish you a very happy Dipawali,I use sugar + Almond oil :)

  5. ty priya..me had fun..hw was urs??

  6. Wow Pavani! These are great lists of diy cleansing posts. I will have to try some of these. Great work!

  7. and, one more quick question..so how many times we should exfoliated in a week..i have heard that too much can reduce the moisture of the skin, but some is definitely required.


  8. hey hw r u sovina..we shud do it twice and no more!!if u have super oily skin then 3-4 times/week

  9. Oh WOW! Great tips!


  10. nice and very informative :)
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    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  11. They are really wonderful tips sply for these cold days :) Loveddddddddddddd it

  12. ty megasmiles n kala..see u around

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