Cleansing : Day 1

hi girls,we are on the journey towards that perfect clean and clear skin,which definitely will need some tips,time,patience and above all the desire for it...so on this day 1 lets start from basics,the CTM routine we all read on net...this post has my opinions in simple,straight manner because we in the long run follow and stick with only things that are simple...got it...lets start our beautiful beauty journey right here right now!!!i m really excited about this ya!!!

cleansing is the first essential step towards clear skin.It is the simple process of removing all that we have on our faces at the end of the day..which may basically involve dirt,makeup,sweat,sebum,oils,pollution particles that all form a layer over the face clogging the pores,and retrieving all the shine and glow of the face making it appear dull.cleansers should be selected primarily based on one`s skintype dry,oily,combination skin.cleansers come in different types forms like foamy,gel like,granular,washes,gentle lotions,microbeads etc..
method of applying:
apply required amount of the product all over the face and neck. massage it in a circular motion for couple of minutes.wipe off with a moist cotton pad.Rinse with water and pat dry.it should be applied in an upward and outward movement.the skin should not be stretched,dragged,pulled.

Best cleansers:

  1. Liz cleanser(many bloggers swear by this though the price is on higher end)
  2. Fab india lavender 
  3. Laneige foaming cleanser
  4. Cetaphil cleansing lotion(for acne prone skin,its the best bet)
  5. LUSH herbalism
  6. Oxyglow neem tulsi facewash
  7. Himalaya cleanser?(review coming soon)
  8. clean and clear
  9. Nivea visage refreshing cleansing milk 150 rs
  10. Lotus lemon pure rs225
  11. VLCC sandal cleansing milk rs105
  12. Ayur gentle cleansing milk(though not great its a good cheap bet)
p.s-i havent used most of the products mentioned above and this is the list i made after reading numerous beauty blogs and searching all over the net,hope it helps.

I m a DIY queen:

  1. take 1 teaspoon unboiled milk,one fourth teaspoon lemon juice.mix them and apply all over face.....work in circular motion and wipe off with cotton pad.
  2. thin slice of cucumber/ tomato / potato
  3. take 1:1 ratio of cucmber juice and unboiled milk
  4. you can use full cream milk
  5. apply 1 teaspoon honey and pinch of haldi all over,leave it for 15 min and rinse with lukewarm water
  6. take half cup buttermilk and add 2 tablespoon crushes fennel seeds to it.this can be used as a cleanser every day
  7. simple and eefective is to add 3-4 drops of lemon juice to a teaspoon full honey and gently massage into skin
  8. I can swear by oatmeal and curd/yogurt mix
  9. more traditional way is to add 2 tablespoon ground rice to required amount of curd/yogurt
  10. mixure of almonds ground and raw milk works wonders to skin
  11. warm a cup of milk.add 1 tsp glycerin,1/4 tsp borax,1/4 tsp sodium bicarbonate till all three dissolve in milk.this is excellent for dry skin
  12. take 12 tbs petroleum jelly,4 tbs baby oil.1 tbs bees wax and melt them together.when heated add few drops of rose essence/rose water and store it for future use.
  13. rub the face well with an ice cube..u can make ice cubes with leftover green tea,cucumber water,mint juice and anything you have at that moment.
  14. slices of apple can be applied to face.they remove excess oils and helps unclog the pores
  15. we can use green gram powder/ besan chick pea powder with yogurt as natural safe cleansers.
  16. mint juice is an effective acne control natural cleanser...

this was all about the cleansers and the importance of cleansing in skin care..ya in fact its the very first step of any skin care routine...though i knew all this since ages,never been regular with it...blame my lazy bones.But writing this post once again made me realize the importance of cleansing my skin and hereby promise myself to daily cleanse my face twice every day how busy(read it lazy)i may be!!!

was this post helpful?what is your favourite cleanser that worked wonders for you??do u cleanse regularly??
ty so much for your support gorgeous girls


  1. Nice tips dear.

    Btw my first giveaway at my blog.

  2. very interesting ...thanks for sharing pavani..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  3. my pleasure girls n see u around...

  4. Thanx girl, u've done lotsa RnD for us readers, a very informative post :)

  5. ty priya...wat is ur skin care routine???

  6. So informative and interesting post.Thanks for sharing Pavani.

  7. ty hemalata..hw often do u cleanse??

  8. great post!


  9. Great post Pavani. I cleanse twice a day, use a scrab & mask once a week. But I wear a lot of make up so I really need to keep washing & soothing my skin!


  10. I like this 21 day challenge! Nice tips too... I've been neglecting my skin a lot over the past one month thanks to stupid work pressures... But am back on the game now! :)

  11. Hey Pavani,Very Nice blog you have,Thanks for Dropping by :)
    And yeah Very Useful Tips,Since I commute to work by public transport and Given Traffic in Mumbai and all the pollution ,I too tend to follow a strict beauty regime...Cleansing as in is Mandate but then It depends on skin type to skin type,One product may be suitable for one skin type and Might not be suitable for another.Hence the only point is We should not experiment with our skin and treat it with due Reverence :)

  12. @gg-ty girl
    @gayatri-toh u r a pro at makeup moi just beginner..
    @chandana-ty welcome
    @sf-well said

  13. hey, am a total CTM loyalist!!!

    i have been using The Body Shop's Vitamin E range cleanser and toner for some time now....and its giving good results to me!!

    btw i wrote an article on skincare which got published on blogadda...if interested you can check out..though would be reposting on my blog soon!!


  14. doing that cleansing NOW! Have been out of routine for a few weeks now.thanks for all the lovely comments on the blog..one Gemini is rocking, but two are a total powerhouse :)) hope to meet you someday when i come to India...:))

  15. @sush-ya heard a lot abt vit e range wud give it a try sumtime

    @sovina-u r such a swtheart..it wud be awesome

  16. those are some very interesting DIYs :)

  17. Pavani, thanks for taking time out to compile such a list ! I have been using Garnier Gentle Cleansing Milk [mango extract+vitamin E]since my college days-It suits me! Also try Liquid Nutrogena Facial Cleanser[that comes in a bottle, not in a tube].
    About home facial packs-A face mask made of almond paste and honey works for me!


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