Toning: Day 2

Hey beauties,how r u all doing??This is the step2 that should be done after cleansing...
Toner usually is a liquid that claims to cleanse the skin,shrink the pores,tighten the pores,balance the pH of the skin,soothe the skin,reduce the appearence of wrinkles,making the skin ready for hydration.Toners are used after cleansing to remove any residual makeup or dirt that the cleanser left on skin.

1.skin freshners:they are the mildest form and mostly are without alcohol.they are gentle and suit all types of skin mostly dry,sensitive,allergic,dehydrated.
2.skin tonics:they are slightly stronger with little alcohol.they suit dry,combination,oily skin types
3.astringents:these are the strongest forms with high proportions of alcohol.they are for oily skin as they are very drying.

Is toner necessary???
while there are people who swear by a toner,quite excited about the change that made to their skin,many experts feel that toner is not a must-have product in skin care.Many beauty experts feel that only people with extremely oily skin or acne-prone skin or the ones who want a squeky clean face after wearing heavy makeup all day need a toner.Most of the dermatologists consider toner unnecessary in skin care regime.The main aim of toner is to remove the left over residue but any good cleanser would remove all the dirt thus clearing way off for toner.
"often sold as a must-use step,toners are truely optional" Bobby brown in `Bobby brown beauty`.

'Many companies try to sell us toner by telling us that they close the pores but pores aren`t elevator doors that open and close.-total beauty by sarah stacey'
so the benefits of toner is always a debatable topic,so the toner usage is totally a personal choice friends.If you are addicted and want to continue,you can totally go ahead and if you just dont feel like you need one,make sure to invest in a good cleanser that will pretty much cover it up for you

How to use the toner?
using a soft cotton ball/pad ,first wipe the toner across your T-zone as this is oily area of the face n will benefit the most,then wipe the remaining on the cheeks,give some time to for it to be completely absorbed before moisturising.  (or)  if you feel that the costly toner is getting wasted on the cotton ball,you can just dab it onto the face with your finger tips  (or) can even spray it on the face

Best toners:

  1. The Body Shop Aloe calming toner rs 545
  2. Patanjali Rose water rs 25
  3. Fab india Tea tree toner rs 125
  4. Lotus herbals Basiltone toner rs 185
  5. Shahnaz hussain date enriched skin toner rs 400
  6. Fabindia Rose toner rs 75
  7. Aroma magic face toner rs70
  8. Biotique cucumber water rs 135
  9. Laneige pore trouble skin refiner
  10. LUSH tea tree toner
  11. VLCC Rose water toner rs 85

I m a DIY queen!!

  1. cucumber juice+honey
  2. apple juice/rose water /lime juice
  3. honey+apple/lemon
  4. cucumber juice+yogurt leave for 10 min
  5. rub champagne with cotton pad
  6. ice cubes made with green tea,vit E caps
  7. water melon juice +water +vodka in equal amounts can store for future use
  8. 1 peppermint tea bag+1/2 cup witch hazel+1 tbs fresh lemon juice+1 cup boiling water.refridgerate and use daily
  9. 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar+2/3 cup green tea+1 tsp olive oil/lemon/tea tree oil.twice a day can be stored in fridge for 2 weeks its best for acne prone skin
  10. chamommile herbal tea
  11. 2-3 tsp dried basil leaves+1 cup boiling water
  12. 1/2 thinly sliced orange+1/2 thinly sliced lemon+3/4 cup ethyl alcohol.blend,stain and use
  13. 1/2 cup chopped fresh mint+2 tbsp dried chamomile flowers crushed+4 cups water.Boil for 10 min let it cool strain refridgerate and use for 2 wks
  14. 2 ounces distilled water+6 drops lavender essential oil+3 drops sandalwood essential oil+4 drops tea tree oil.mix them and store.dont forget to shake well before use
  15. soak uncooked or raw rice in clean water and stir it till the water becomes cloudy and unclear.strain the water into a bottle and store for future use.
  16. eggwhite+honey+lemon juice
  17. 2/3 cup witch hazel,1/3 cup apple cider vinegar,6 drops of lavender essential oil.
  18. plain green tea.
  19. raw fresh carrot juice
  20. pineapple juice
oh my that was a long post.!!hope you all find it helpful..do you believe in toners?what works best for you?is toner under rated??do comment below...after all who doesnt like to be appreciated!!!hehe
take care


  1. Hey Pavani,
    1stly a very gudmorning and 2ndly this is a gr8 post, yes I do use a tone since I have a very oily tzone but since I also have a very sensitive skin i prefer Lakme makeup remover that doubles as a toner,Take Care :)

  2. gudmorg priya..is it??ty so much for the comments

  3. I use dabur rose water + few drops of tea tree oil + few drops of clove oil works great as toner and anti bacterial :) .. I don't believe toners can do much for your pores so just an antibaterial layer is good for me.

  4. DIY toner frm LUSH queen!!!u have very beautiful n clear skin shreya..u shud gimme sum tips

  5. Wow Pavani this is really helpful. I use astringent during the day & toner @ night. My skin is extremely oily & acne prone so I need something strong during the day.


  6. My skin isn't all that clear :P ya pic me visible nahi hai tiny spots and they get red if i irritate them more :( so i am learning as much as you are :D just have been successful in controlling frequency of break outs.

  7. heyyy
    @gayatri-this acne is killing uss

  8. do you know which one is a better option - alcoholic or non alcoholic ones.. i never seem to decide..


  9. hey buddy!!!always go with non-alcoholic ones...read the ingrediant list carefully to avoid alcoholic ones...!!!

  10. I'd go with the natural ones like pineapple juice since I don't like my skin to be too dry. Awesome post!

  11. ditto kavery me too using greentea+cider vinegar at present for my acne-prone skin...


thank u