Hello friends…this is the simple nail-art I did long ago…all we need for beautiful nails is 5 minutes of free time is what I learned with experience…it really doesn’t matter how great is the nail art and how many hours you spent…I really like simple and easy ones which will just be llight on us so that  we can do it again and again..what say girls???
1.Apply two coats of a golden nail polish and let it dry completely.

2.take an orange nail paint you have and draw  it slantly filling one side fully.let it dry.

3.using a paint brush/nail art pen/tooth pick/ safety pin draw four lines like below with a black nail paint.

4.you can apply a shimmer polish on the top for nice oomph.

5.do the top coat and yes you are done!!!

products used!!!


  1. your nails look great.. I am very bad at nail art :((
    PS- thanks for stopping by my blog.. Do visit me again.


  2. Requires so much patience :) :)
    Beautiful by the way :)

  3. Wow...nice nail painting. I think you tk time for that. Thank you.

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  4. You can never go wrong with golden & red combo! Classic yet chic.


thank u