New year 2012 celebrations: Food

Hello guys…how was your new year???mine was superb…actually one of my friends birthday also falls on new year day so it’s a double dhamaka for us…we celebrate it with double josh!!!and you all know how it is to be away from home(sad!! Me)..more than anything we all miss food and compensate that we always keep trying new recipes and altogether new dishes for all occasions..thats a great way to enjoy our  time here rather than going out in this freaking  snow fall…
this is the whole chicken we cooked on stove which was nicely marinated before...and it tasted yummmm!!!very much better than the ones we buy from the grilled section....

This new year plus birthday party also we gave most of the importance to foooood and heres what we all came up with..enjoy the pics:

below is the chicken manchurian

the chicken thighs

cooked frozen fish

Other than food we also had a blast in the midnight partying, wishing everyone in the hostel, I tried dancing for the first time in my life(all the credit goes to the music system we had..its freaking loud), ofcourse ate, played for sometime and had a wonderful time!!it was just perfecttt…I really loved the way it turned out….hope this full year will be like that…..i m sooo tired todayyy….just lying around from morning on the bed…
 the great indian jamoonss.....

How did you all enjoy??if you like any dishes in this post, I can give you the recipes…feel free to comment and show some love…I wish you success in all your plans and resolutions…
Take care

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