An awesome day-out with friends...part 1: bowling!!!

hello friends….how are you all doing?? As we got one week holidays for the new year cum Christmas combo….me with my friends decided to make the fullest use of them and in this process we decided today to get out of the hostel rooms and try to chill in the cold weather….

After few minutes of discussion we planned on going for  cosmic bowling and then do some dining out at a nice turkish place ..it was the first time for me. I m so happy for going as I had a lot of fun with bowling…i played the most with the 6 kg ball…oh god they are sooo heavy…I almost cant move my fingers right now!!!

To get more out of the game we challenged each other and guess what I came third in the game with five of us..not bad for a first time right???!!! Ihad lots of fun…

Then we went to this game place called Gemini and played s some stupid small games like kids…as long as we enjoy,theres no problem na! wat say guys…

what are your experiences with bowling...what category do you fall in strikersss or beginners like me???

take care


  1. Wow..you guys really enjoy on that day. great memories. Thank you for sharing.

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